Daughters of Power: The Capital , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2228
ISBN: 978-0-373-73241-8
May 2013
Series Romance

Washington, D.C. and New York City – Present Day

As the new owner of news network ANS, billionaire media mogul Liam Crowe is still feeling his way around the station. His Executive Vice President of Community Outreach, Francesca Orr, is particularly aggravating to him because he doesn't understand why she doesn't like him. However, when the two get stuck alone in an elevator for a couple of hours, the atmosphere soon turns steamy—and we're not talking about the lack of air! The prickly Francesca shows Liam a side he didn't expect—or that he'd have this desire to pick up where they left off when they're rescued. But Liam's life is about to be turned upside down when his Great-aunt Beatrice demands that he settle down and marry. He almost wants to call her bluff, but she holds too many shares of company stock for him to do so. Liam must find a fiancée fast...and Francesca is his best candidate!

There's just something about Liam that rubs Francesca wrong. Maybe it's because he's a playboy whose only care in the world is his next conquest. Yet after their sensual encounter in the elevator, Francesca can't get him out of her mind. His kisses leave her wanting more, but she's stunned when he proposes an engagement in name only. She agrees, especially after learning that a cutthroat investor could swoop in and tear the company apart, including her beloved charities. And how can she deny that the sizzling attraction between them doesn't exist? A fake engagement would provide a perfect cover for them to get to know each other intimately.

Liam is promising changes at the network after the news channel was responsible for the scandal which involved the President of the United States and his previously unknown daughter. But his ownership could end up becoming moot if his great aunt goes through with her plan to sell her majority shares to a rival. Of all the women he mulled on as possible fiancées, it was Francesca that he came back to because he can't get their steamy encounter in the elevator out of his mind. The sexual chemistry between them sizzles, and she is perfect wife material with a nice pedigree. Soon they give into their lust for each other, proving that they are well matched in bed also. Francesca is a fiery, half-Italian who will do whatever it takes to see that her projects get the funding they need, even if it means actually marrying Liam…

Readers who have been following the Daughters of Power: The Capital series will be happy to know that many of the characters from the prior books make brief appearances, but the main storyline in A VERY EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT revolves around Liam and Francesca. Neither could have expected the sizzling attraction between them as they waited in a broken down elevator. Clothes came off—with skin to skin contact a must in order to satisfy their uncontrollable lust for each other. Liam and Francesca are dedicated to their work, but does this mean walking down the aisle together? Find out for yourself in the riveting A VERY EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT.

Patti Fischer