A SIMPLE AUTUMN – Rosalind Lauer
Seasons of Lancaster , Book 3
ISBN:  978-0-345-52675-5
October 2012
Amish Inspirational Romance

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - Present Day

Jonah King is known as “The Quiet One” in the community of Halfway.  He rarely socializes, keeping mostly to himself, tending his farm and his animals.  Past the age of marrying, Jonah still has no girl to call his own, although there is one girl he's wanted for his wife since childhood.  Annie Stoltzfus captured Jonah's heart when they were children, and Jonah has always imagined his world as a happier place with Annie by his side.  But Annie has never noticed Jonah.  She's always had eyes for Jonah's elder brother, Adam, but now that Adam is engaged and marrying pretty Englisher Remy McAllister, he's out of the marriage market.  Even so, Annie still pines after him.  What can Jonan do to make Annie notice him?

Jonah's brother, Gabe, has been secretly courting school teacher, Emma Lapp for months, but she refuses to let their courtship go public until Gabe settles down.  In his rumspringa (a time for young Amish adults to test the ways of the world before committing to the church), Gabe is obsessed with loud music and motorcycles, things strictly forbidden to the Amish adults.  Emma has a reputation to protect if she wants to keep her job.  She is ready to join the church, but Gabe refuses to join.  He tells Emma point blank that he will not give up his motorcycles for her.  Sadly, she breaks away from their relationship.

Annie is angry at Adam for ignoring her advances and choosing an Englishe woman over her.  Adam is everything she ever wanted in a husband, and now, after all these wasted years, there is no hope for marriage or the children she wants to have.  How could she have wasted all this time?  Annie loves the community of Halfway, but it looks as though she must move away to find the man of her dreams.

A SIMPLE AUTUMN is a moving story about two brothers trying to find their way to love and happiness.  Jonah has done everything he can think of to get Annie to notice him.  And Gabe longs to court Emma openly, but he can't turn away from the lure and excitement of racing motorcycles.  The brothers are at their wits end while Annie looks to another path leading her away from Halfway, and Emma refuses to wait any longer for Gabe to grow up.

A SIMPLE AUTUMN brings us many twists and turns in the path to happiness for these two couples, but we are also able to witness two weddings in the King family when Adam marries Remy, and sister Mary weds Five.  The huge wedding in the family helps bring Jonah and Annie together in surprising ways.  Gabe and Emma's path to love isn't easy, but the conclusion wraps up this wonderful novel with happy endings all around.

The third novel in the Seasons of Lancaster series, A SIMPLE AUTUMN follows A SIMPLE WINTER (November 2011) and A SIMPLE SPRING (April 2012), but stands totally alone.  The characters and the plotting are rich with dynamics, faith and devotion.

A SIMPLE AUTUMN is a wonderful story!

Diana Risso