Deep in the Heart of Texas , Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-455-50815-0
April 2012
Contemporary Romance

Bramble, Texas - Present Day

Shirlene Dalton has a problem. She's been evicted from her mansion for non-payment of her mortgage! Yeah, she's been a little irresponsible with the money her late husband left her, but she's just been so danged depressed. The bank manager left town and a new person is sitting in his place. This Mr. Peabody had the nerve to tell her that the new owner of the bank is on an extended vacation and won't take her calls! Since someone changed the locks on her house, the only thing she can do is move into the old trailer she inherited out at the edge of town. But when she gets there, she's confronted by a midget wielding a chainsaw. Frightened right out of her Manolo Blahniks, Shirlene runs into the unlocked trailer next door. She hides in the back bedroom and falls right into the arms of Bubba Wilkes!

Down-home cowboy Bubba might be easy to look at, but Shirlene thinks he's dumber than dirt. To her horror, Kenny Gene picks that moment to come busting in the bedroom door, so Shirlene hides under the covers. She prays Bubba can get rid of Kenny in a hurry; otherwise it won't take a New York minute before the entire town of Bramble knows she's in Bubba's bed!

Bubba Wilkes is just trying to get some fishing done. But when the pretty Shirlene stumbles right into his bed in the middle of the night, he has to steal a kiss, or two. He wants to steal a lot more, but for now, he'll cool his heels and keep his hands to himself while he puzzles a way to help this damsel in distress.

In the days to come, bad only goes to worse when the bank owner, Mr. Cates, refuses to help Shirlene. And, to top it all off, Shirlene discovers a pack of orphans living in her trailer. Well, there's nothing to do except to move in with them while she figures out how to charm Mr. Cates.

Welcome to the town of Bramble, Texas! CATCH ME A COWBOY is an absolute hoot! This is the third book in the Deep in the Heart of Texas series, and it stands alone, but I advise new readers to read the previous novels. The story is quick and entertaining, but I felt somewhat lost, as if I were missing pertinent details the first two books might have held.

CATCH ME A COWBOY is home to a plethora of wacky characters who make this a fun story, but the plot revolves around Shirlene and her problems with the bank. Shirlene is trying to help the orphans and hasn't a penny left to her name. Bubba is trying to get into her bed, and even though she might want to take advantage of his powerful kisses, right now she has more pressing things to get done, one of which is getting back her home and possessions.

CATCH ME A COWBOY is a winner!

Diana Risso