Billionaires and Babies
Harlequin Desire #2241
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73254-8
July 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

Tucson, Arizona and Urubamba, Peru Present Day

Just a little over one year ago, Arturo Santana engaged in an affair with model Cassidy Miller.  Now his job has fallen to his brother Emilio after Arturo's death in a car accident.  Emilio is the second son, the party-goer often deemed as the irresponsible brother.  He never felt the need to step into his brother's shoes and run the family business empire, but now he has no choice.  There is surely enough money to keep what is left of the family living in their accustomed style, but if he continues his present life without taking care of the various business holdings, there certainly will not be enough money left to sustain future generations.  And there will be no future generations unless Emilio marries and produces an heir.

Imagine his delight when he learns that Arturo has a son!  The boy was born to Cassidy, who, sadly has also died after a long illness that ended with the birth of her and Arturo's son.  Her step-sister, Grace Chandler, has petitioned for adoption of the boy named Zac.  But when Emilio arrives on her doorstep in Arizona, he informs her that there will be no adoption, and he expects Grace and Zac to return to Peru with him, where they will live until the boy is old enough to take over the reins of the family empire.

Grace Chandler watched her sister die so that she could bring Zac into the world.  Now, having raised Zac for all of his eleven months, Grace cannot let him go.  When Emilio arrives in Tucson and informs her of his decision to take Zac to Peru, she has no choice but to agree.  With money no object, Emilio would just drag her through the court system to gain custody of Zac until she runs out of money, so he's now the one in charge.  Almost before she can blink, Grace and Zac are on Emilio's private jet bound for Peru.

THE SANTANA HEIR is a passionate story with a hint of mystery and multiple surprises.  Emilio and Grace soon fall into an easy relationship as friends and then become lovers. Having found Zac, Emilio has no immediate need to settle down and produce and heir.  Grace is bothered by his rumored playboy lifestyle and feels she is just simply a convenient partner for him when he is home, and Emilio grapples with new feelings of commitment.  Can they resolve their differences and find love at the end of the day?

THE SANTANA HEIR is a winner!

Diana Risso