A Perfect 10

Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2402
ISBN: 978-0-373-73415-3
October 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

A Remote Area of Alaska – Present Day

Single mother of twins, Tessa Randall is battling billionaire CEO Dragan Markovic in a lawsuit over claims that she was illegally terminated from her job due to her pregnancy. Headed to Anchorage for the start of the trial, Tessa's flight is cancelled, with no other way to get there. A charming and attractive man offers to charter her to Anchorage, and with no thoughts as to what she's doing, she agrees. Of course, he isn't too happy to discover when she arrives at his plane that she also has her two little girls with her. It is while they're in the air, with him as the pilot, that Tessa realizes who he is: Dragan Markovic.

Dragan used Tessa's dilemma as an excuse to get close to her in order to learn more about what led to her lawsuit because her personnel records aren't clear. He figures the few hours on the flight to Anchorage will allow him the opportunity, but a sudden flight emergency have them aborting the trip and diverting to his remote vacation hideaway just as a storm rolls in. There's no electricity and no phone service, but Tessa and Dragan—along with her little girls—manage to subsist. Along the way, an intense chemistry between Tessa and Dragan develops. Is there any way to avoid giving in to the passion that tempts them?

Tessa and her toddlers are stranded with her ex-boss in STRANDED WITH THE BOSS by Elizabeth Lane, and it's the last thing she expected since she's suing him. Dragan is sexy and charming, but makes it clear children aren't his thing, so he certainly isn't daddy material in her eyes. Tessa still has a lot of anger toward his company after being unfairly fired, and she's out to recoup what she can from him with the help of a hotshot attorney. Dragan just wants to get to the bottom of the truth about what happened. He just didn't bank on the insane attraction he develops for Tessa. But she comes as a package deal that includes her twin girls. Is that a deal breaker for a man who has vowed never to father children?

STRANDED WITH THE BOSS is an intense, emotional tale that features two interesting characters at the core. Dragan emigrated from Sarajevo after his family perished during the war. Despite the pain he still suffers from losing them, he has built an empire and prides himself on being a fair boss. That is why he wants to find out the truth about what happened to Tessa. As for Tessa, she lost her fiancé in Afghanistan, and she learned shortly thereafter that she was pregnant. She needed her job to support herself and her baby girls. Both Tessa and Dragan are strong people, not afraid to fight for what they see as an unfair justice.

Readers will no doubt find STRANDED WITH THE BOSS as enjoyable as I did. Not only do we have the romance with Tessa and Dragan with their intriguing backgrounds and two adorable little girls, but the author does a magnificent job of bringing Alaska alive with her words. For all of these reasons, I'm giving STRANDED WITH THE BOSS RRT's top award: A Perfect 10. Once you curl up and start this story, you'll see why it's one of the best books of 2015.

Patti Fischer