Harlequin Desire #2208
ISBN: 978-0-373-73221-0
January 2013
Series Romance

Santa Fe, New Mexico - Present Day

Angie Montoya has spent the four years since her fiancé's death hiding from his family.  The Cooper family didn't approve of Angie's engagement to the favored son, Justin, and even offered her money to leave him.  Angie loved him, and was pregnant with his child, so she had no intention of leaving, and when he died trying to get back to Santa Fe for Angie's birthday, she knew the Coopers blamed her.  Considering how the family has treated her in the past, she wants to keep herself and her son away from the influential family, yet now Jordan Cooper has found her.  He offers her the chance to move onto the family ranch, and her pride forces her to refuse.  But the danger of her neighborhood is brought home to her, and she knows that the best thing for her son, Lucas, is living on the ranch.

Jordan Cooper is eaten up with guilt over his attraction to Angie and the part he played in the events leading up to his twin's death.  He hopes to make amends to Angie and Lucas, and he also wants to bring Lucas into the family.  His feelings for Angie haven't changed over the years, but he understands her reluctance in getting to know him better.  Living together shows them both that the attraction is mutual, but Angie is having difficulty believing that Jordan doesn't have an ulterior motive, and Jordan has a secret that could tear their fragile truce to shreds.

Jordan's intention had been to atone for the past, but IN HIS BROTHER'S PLACE, he'll find something he hadn't expected.  Both Angie and Jordan are carrying around guilt over Justin's death, as well as the memory of one incendiary kiss that should never have happened.  Angie doesn't trust Jordan and is afraid that he'll try to take her son away from her, yet she's drawn to him also, making it difficult to live with him without losing her head…or her heart.  For Jordan, living with Angie is a temptation he'll do his best to resist, and as he gets to know her and Lucas, he finds himself falling hard.

A poignant tale of finding love in the last place you'd expect, check out IN HIS BROTHER'S PLACE.

Jennifer Bishop