Harlequin Desire #2310
ISBN: 978-0-373-73323-1
June 2014
Series Romance

Africa - Present Day

It has been two years since Cal Jeffords's best friend Nick committed suicide amidst allegations that he was involved with embezzling funds from their own foundation, and Cal hasn't been able to find Nick's widow in all that time.  Cal is sure that Megan, Nick's wife, was behind the embezzlement, and he vowed at Nick's funeral to make Megan pay, but she disappeared within days of the funeral, and it's only now that he has a possible lead.  While Cal's investigators have searched all of the places they assumed a high-maintenance, wealthy woman with millions of embezzled funds would flee to, the latest investigator may have found her in Africa, working as a volunteer in Cal's own organization.

Megan Rafferty had no idea that the money she helped raise to fund relief workers in Africa was missing until the scandal broke and Nick killed himself.  Knowing that Cal would stop at nothing to see her punished, Megan used her connections to travel to Africa and begin working as a nurse in the refugee camps.  She's currently working in Arusha, trying to recover from a traumatic experience that has left her with nightmares and panic attacks.  Cal's arrival brings back painful memories, yet at the same time, he calms her fears.

A SINFUL SEDUCTION was exactly what Cal planned in order to get Megan to tell him the truth about the missing money, but within hours of seeing her again, he realizes that this fragile, haunted woman needs help.  She's obviously trying to deal with something very disturbing, but she's unwilling to talk about what happened to her.  Seeing that she needs rest, Cal arranges for a private safari, hoping that once she relaxes, he can set his seduction plan in motion.  He'd never cared much for his friend's wife, dubbing her the ice princess , but seeing Megan now, he can't help but be attracted, and the more he learns about her, the more Cal starts to care.

An engaging tale, look for A SINFUL SEDUCTION.

Jennifer Bishop