A Danvers Novel, Book 2
ISBN-13: 978-0-451-41962-0
February 2013
Contemporary Romance

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Present Day

Event planner, Suzanna Denton is at the top of her game.  She just got rid of her cheating fiancé and her job is going well, or it was, until her assistant suddenly quit.  But no problem, Suzy immediately hires her sister, Beth (who was just laid off from her teaching job), to fill in until she can find an adequate replacement.  And her day is going well until Grayson Merimon walks into her office uninvited.  (He's one of the new CEO's of Danvers International, following the recent merger with Gray's company, Mericom.)  Suzy jumps right in and issues Gray challenge:  They will sleep together tonight, get it over with, and go on with their lives so they can work together.  But first, he has to stop calling her Suzanna; she is Suzy all the way!

And Suzy is a whirlwind.  Tight skirts, leopard skin tank tops and six inch stilettos are her usual mode of dress.  She's confidence personified and outspoken to the max.  Gray fell in love with her the first time he met her at the Mericom office in Charleston.  Now that he's been reassigned to work in Myrtle Beach, his main agenda is getting Suzy to fall in love with him.  She'll make the perfect wife.  And so, on their first date, they enjoy hot dogs on the beach.  Things are going well until a horrible accident puts Suzy in the hospital and Gray in charge of her future.

NOT PLANNING ON YOU is a test of wills.  Suzy and Gray cannot keep their hands off each other, but circumstances make it impossible for any physical consummation while they end up living together.  Gray's brother, Nick, and Suzy's sister, Beth, try to help, but they hate each other from the time they meet.  To say more is to give too much of this fantastic story away.

NOT PLANNING ON YOU is top notch reading!  The pages fly by, and the action does not miss a beat as Suzy and Gray confront continual obstacles in their path to happiness.

WEEKENDS REQUIRED is book one in The Danvers series, and NOT PLANNING ON YOU is followed by Beth's story, FALL FOR ME, coming in March 2013!

Don't miss this wonderful book!  NOT PLANNING ON YOU is one romantic and sexy story!

Diana Risso