Brides of Bliss County, Book 3
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77933-8
June 2015
Contemporary Romance

Mustang Creek, Wyoming Present Day

Two recent weddings in Mustang Creek are the direct result of a pact made by three best friends, Becca (Bex) Stuart, Melody Nolan, and Hadleigh Stevens.  It all started one night at Bad Billy's Burger Palace and Drive-Thru.  The three women wrote down their MARRIAGE PACT on a paper napkin, vowing to stay true to their goals and find the love of their lives, get married, and live happily ever after.  Now that they have all been successful in their own chosen careers, they are ready to settle down.  Melody designed three individual charms, one for herself, one for Bex, and one for Hadleigh.  And, so far, the charms have worked their magic, along with the right men for Hadleigh and Melody!  Bex, however, is the last one still single, and she's sure she will never find her own true love.  She had that once, but he died in Afghanistan, and Bex packed her dreams away and marched on the best she could alone, building her successful chain of fitness salons.

Tate Calder is new to Mustang Creek, moving here with his two young sons to build his new ranch and business.  Meeting Becca Stuart has stirred his soul for the first time since his wife died; theirs wasn't the happy marriage everyone thought, but still, Tate didn't want his marriage to end in a death rather than the divorce he planned.  He had to be careful of dating now; he didn't want to bring someone around for his sons to get attached to, then become heartbroken when that woman walked away from Tate, and by default, his sons.  He's attracted to Bex, but for right now, all he wants is friendship.

THE MARRIAGE SEASON is coming to a happy end as Bex and Tate find their way to each other and a lasting, forever love.  They both come to the relationship with their own challenges and heartaches, but can't ignore the attraction and sense of rightness that permeates their meetings.  Bex finds herself suddenly caring for her six-year-old nephew, Josh, when her sister runs away from her husband to give them space.  Tate's two boys befriend Josh, which in turn, helps Bex, and throws her and Tate together time after time.  Both Bex and Tate are wary, he from an unhappy marriage, and she, afraid to love again the way she loved Hadleigh's brother, Will.

Lots of characters populate THE MARRIAGE SEASON, which is book threein the Brides of Bliss County series and wraps up the trilogy.  We began with Hadleigh's story, THE MARRIAGE PACT (June 2014, then Melody's story, THE MARRIAGE CHARM (February 2015).  And the wonderful news is that a new Brides of Bliss Count y novel is right around the corner, in September 2015, CHRISTMAS IN MUSTANG CREEK!  I can't wait!

Meanwhile, don't wait to check out THE MARRIAGE SEASON!  It's a wonderful story!

Diana Risso