BIG SKY WEDDING - Linda Lael Miller
Parable, Montana Series, Book 5
HQN ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77774-7
September 2013
Contemporary Romance

Parable, Montana Present Day

Brylee Parrish lost a little bit of herself when Hutch Carmody stopped their wedding while she was walking up the aisle, and announced that he wasn't marrying her, right in front of God, all her friend, and everyone who watched the subsequent video on the Internet!  But Brylee picked herself up and went on with her life, or at least, she thought she did.  Finally, almost two years later, she's come to the realization that maybe she lost her focus that day Hutch jilted her; so today, she's in the woods, hugging a tree.

Hollywood A-list actor Zane Sutton is walking on his property when he sees a wood nymph hugging a tree!  She's the most beautiful woman Zane has ever seen, and that says a lot, given his Hollywood career.  Zane has romanced lots of women, but not one of them compares to this one, and she's on his land...

Brylee wondered when Zane Sutton would show up.  She heard he bought Hangman's Bend Ranch some time ago, but still, the place remained empty until now.  But why, oh why, did he have to show up today, when she's smack in the middle of her personal growth exercises?  In Brylee's world, one show-business person is just like the next.  They show up here in Three Trees and Parable to buy land so they can experience the proverbial back to nature living.  Then, all too soon, they get tired of all the work it takes to have said experience, and leave just in time for another rich schmuck to show up in their place and start the process all over again.  In Brylee's opinion, such practices wreak havoc on the community.

Now here's Zane Sutton, just another Hollywood actor playing at being a cowboy.  He says he won't tear down the old homestead to build a new mansion, or ruin the landscape.  But he is going to have to fix up the old house before it falls down around his ears. Zane never set out to be an actor; he fell into it, but it gave him the chance to earn enough money to walk away and just live on his ranch with his horse and his new dog, Slim.  Zane didn't always live the charmed life; he knows how hard it is to live without money.  He's also been riding  the rodeo circuit for years, and he knows his way around a horse.

Sparks burn fast, hot, and furious when Brylee and Zane meet.  There isn't a man left in the territory for Brylee to pair up with, but still, she longs for someone special to share her life. She built a multi-million dollar business from the ground up, and she can have anything her heart desires, except a family to call her own.  Oh well, if she wants to hang out with kids, she can go next door and offer to sit with her brother Walker's kids, Clare and Shane, and the new baby, three month-old Preston.  Brylee recognizes trouble in Zane Sutton.  She needs to stay away from the handsome man, even though his presence makes her heart beat faster.  Meanwhile, Zane, smitten right along with Brylee, knows that she will bolt if he moves too fast.  All he has to figure out is how to make her his...

BIG SKY WEDDING is the fifth novel in The Parable, Montana series, following BIG SKY SUMMER (May 2013), BIG SKY RIVER (December 2012), BIG SKY MOUNTAIN (August 2012), and BIG SKY COUNTRY (June 2012).

BIG SKY WEDDING stands alone, but it would be a shame to miss any of these books if you haven't read them.  Characters from the previous books are all here, but we are missing local matchmaker Opal Dennison in this story.  Not to fear, Zane's housekeeper from California, Cleopatra Livingston, might just be Opal's twin!  (And we are sure to see Opal again in subsequent stories; I can't wait for the day she meets Cleopatra!)  Also new to Parable are Zane's brothers, Nash and Landry; and in addition to Brylee's family, we meet again with Sheriff Boone Taylor and his wife, Tara; Hutch and Kendra Carmody; and Joslyn and Slade Barlow.

Full of romance, laughter, and lots of passion, BIG SKY WEDDING is a BIG winner!

Diana Risso