BIG SKY SUMMER - Linda Lael Miller
Parable, Montana Series, Book 4
June 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-77765-5
Contemporary Romance

Parable, Montana Present Day

Superstar country singer Casey Elder is taking some time off from her career.  Anxious to just stay home and raise her children, twelve-year-old Shane and fourteen-year-old Clare, Casey recently bought a huge mansion in Parable.  She's off the road for a while and plans to keep it that way.  Her new house is big enough she can record music and have room for her entire band to stay, but for now, she doesn't have to travel.  Casey just wanted to come home.  This move puts her closer to Walker Parrish, and that makes her uneasy in many ways.  She and Walker have a history.  They used to be in love, but bright lights and a career beckoned for Casey, and she left Walker behind to pursue her dreams.

Just before her career took off, she and Walker got together, sparks flew, and the result was daughter Clare.  And then, to make things worse, two years later, Casey spent a weekend with Walker, leaving her pregnant with Shane.  Most people think Casey went through invitro-fertilization; no one knows who the children's father really is.  Casey has never allowed Walker to claim his children publicly.  As far as she's concerned, Clare and Shane are hers alone.  But now, by herself in this great big house, Casey is realizing that she is longing to put down roots for both her and the children's sake.  And it's only right that she acknowledge Walker as their father, but so many lies have been told to cover up their true parentage, she isn't sure if Clare or Shane will forgive her for all the years of deceit when they finally learn the truth.

Walker Parrish raises bucking horses for the rodeo, training them to unseat cowboys in less that the proverbial eight seconds.  Cows and horses are his life, whether on his ranch or riding in the rodeo, and Walker is happiest when he's with his horse.  The one love of his life has always been Casey Elder, but, except for a couple of passionate encounters that resulted in not just one, but two children, Casey still chooses to follow her own single path.  All this time Walker has been content to allow Casey to hide their relationship, but now he burns to have the truth come out.  Walker wants to acknowledge Shane and Clare; he wants them to have his name.

BIG SKY SUMMER is the fourth book in the Parable, Montana series, and follows BIG SKY RIVER (December 2012), BIG SKY MOUNTAIN (August 2012), and BIG SKY COUNTRY (June 2012).  Characters from the previous books are all here in BIG SKY SUMMER.  Local matchmaker Opal Dennison is planning her own wedding to the local pastor, but even so, she still has time to give Walker and Casey a little push now and then.  Other characters include Sheriff Boone Taylor and his new wife Tara; Hutch and Kendra Carmody; Joslyn and Slade Barlow; Walker's sister, Brylee, and many more.

BIG SKY SUMMER is a serious and emotional romance.  Casey and Walker have lots of obstacles in their path, not the least is revealing a fifteen year-old secret to their children and to the world, which is sure to bring the paparazzi right to their door.  Will they be able to live a normal life once the truth comes out? 

A great book that stands alone on its own merits, BIG SKY SUMMER is a wonderful book.  Casey and Walker are meant to be together; don't miss their story!

Diana Risso