De Piaget Family Series
ISBN: 978-0-515-15615-7
December 2015
Paranormal Romance

England and Scotland Past and Present

Imogen Maxwell, family rebel, has arrived in England from the United States to take on the job of a lifetime as a set designer for a film. But first, she must gather up her belongings that have burst from her over-packed suitcase and board the train north. The fact that she's exhausted from her long flight means that she's not embarrassed when a handsome stranger comes to her aid, stuffing her clothing back into the bag, and getting her headed in the right direction. Chivalry isn't dead, after all. Imogen finally meets up with her assistant, Tilly, who is escorting her to Edinburgh where they will start their research.

Phillip of Artane is back at his betrothed's castle, trying to convince her to finally marry him. She has, over the last five years, stood on the battlements throwing all sorts of nasty things at Phillip and his men. Heather of Haemesburgh obviously does not want to wed Phillip de Piaget, and her father, Robert, has not supported Phillip's claim, either, despite a signed contract. Plus, Phillip's grandfather's sword is reputed to be at Haemesburgh, driven into the floor behind Robert's chair. And Phillip wants his sword back. When he arrives at the castle, though, there is a young woman hanging from the drawbridge. Could this be his errant bride?

No, it's Imogen. Imogen, who has met a sophisticated woman in Edinburgh who invites her to her castle, Haemesburgh, to peruse the medieval artifacts for the film. And when the woman convinces her to touch the jewel encrusted sword stuck into the floor in the main hall, Imogen is flung back in time. Convinced she is on a movie set, though, she soon begins to realize that something is amiss and she must escape these lunatics around her, hence the drawbridge, which was being raised at the time she flung herself towards it. To her relief, a handsome man dressed in period costume, catches her as she falls. And so begins Imogen's adventures.

STARS IN YOUR EYES is the latest De Piaget family tale, and it's a rollicking good time. Imogen and Phillip are both from families of over-achievers, and both would like nothing better than to have things go smoothly in life. But Imogen's sudden trip to the past, and Phillip's disastrous betrothal have forced them to work together to figure everything out. Once Imogen realizes that she is not in the twenty-first century any longer, she begins to work out in her mind how to get back to the future. She is enchanted by the chivalrous Phillip who is thoroughly confused by her and her language. Not to mention that there is something that his family is not telling him about other members who appear and disappear with regularity. And some of them even say some of the same strange things Imogen does. How Imogen and Phillip team up is delightful, humorous, and exciting.

I've enjoyed this wonderful series, and STARS IN YOUR EYES doesn't disappoint. Don't miss this fun story.

Jani Brooks