SPELLWEAVER - Lynn Kurland
A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms

ISBN: 978-0-425-23863-9
January 2011
Fantasy Romance

The Nine Kingdoms

The only thing Sarah of Doire wants is to get far away from mages and magic. But that's not going to happen any time soon since she sought out help from Ruithneadh of Ceangail to find her brother, Daniel, who has stolen some powerful spells, vowing to destroy the Nine Kingdoms. Sarah has no choice but to continue her quest. And now that she knows the background of the hermit mage she sought help from, other complications arise—such as her attraction to the young man. Although the daughter of a witch, Sarah has no magic, but she does have one powerful attribute—she can see spells.

Ruith, an elven prince from a powerful family of mages, has been drawn out of hiding to pursue Daniel. There are now other dangers ahead because the word is out that one of the late Gair's sons is alive, and many want his powers and anything he learned from his father. Ruith must decide whether to keep suppressing his magic or use it to protect Sarah and himself during their search for Daniel. His growing love for Sarah is a powerful incentive, though. Despite all of his efforts to woo Sarah, she wants him kept at arm's length, telling him that he must pursue someone royal. That's not what Ruith intends to do.

The fifth book in the Nine Kingdoms series, SPELLWEAVER continues with the quest of Sarah and Ruith from A TAPESTRY OF SPELLS. I highly recommend reading the entire series, although one could totally enjoy this book alone. A magical world with a Celtic setting, SPELLWEAVER is a romantic adventure with surprises and danger around every corner. Beautifully written, this tale is filled with mages, witches, spells, and shape shifting, but also with plenty of intricate details of the incredible world around them. While I love both lead characters, Sarah's fixation on her status in life does get bothersome. But the couple's promises to each other are a light-hearted side story.

The Nine Kingdoms series is so mesmerizing and tantalizing! The ending of SPELLWEAVER is left open for the next novel, so readers be prepared!

Jani Brooks