ISBN: 978-0-515-15346-0
May 2013
Paranormal Romance

England and Scotland – The Present and The Past

Derrick Cameron is an antiquities agent, among other things, and one of his prominent clients has had an invaluable piece of Elizabethan lace stolen. Using his many abilities, and with the assistance of his trusted, multi-talented employees, Derrick is astounded that the suspect is a plain young woman who is known to be a textile historian. Changing his disguise at every stop the “thief” makes on her journey from Newcastle to London, Derrick is amazed at how easy it is to follow her.

Samantha Drummond has finally escaped the clutches of her controlling parents, thanks, surprisingly, to her snobbish older brother. Gavin has found a house-sitting position for Samantha with a couple in Newcastle, England for the summer, and before her parents can put a stop to the trip, Samantha leaves the States for the British Isles. In wonder at her new found freedom, Samantha agrees to take a piece of Victorian lace to a dealer in London for her bosses. Along the way, she notices a tall, broad shouldered man, in various disguises, who seems to be on every train she takes, and just about everywhere she goes.

Upon arriving in London, Samantha goes looking for her brother's gallery, which is located near the new Globe Theater. However, she also notices the man who has been following her is also there. Losing herself in a street faire crowd, she dons an Elizabethan costume and makes a run for it. But she ends up sprawled in a mushroom patch, and the area around her is definitely not the faire. Then she turns around and notices the same man, this time in full costume for the faire. She bolts, and he gives chase, but then he is forced into a sword fight. They aren't in twenty-first century London any longer! When Derrick finally finishes his fight, he grabs Samantha and pulls her back into the mushroom patch…and back to the future.

And so begins the adventures of mild-mannered Samantha and mysterious Derrick as they work together to return the valuable lace to its proper owner. Why did her employers hide the Elizabethan fabric in the package containing the less profitable Victorian lace? And who are the thugs following Samantha? Derrick realizes that the not so mousy historian is every bit as spirited and quick-witted as he is, but how to keep her safe, retrieve the lace—which he realizes is now in Elizabethan England—and figure out just how important she is to him?

ROSES IN MOONLIGHT is a story of the blossoming of a formerly demoralized, but incredibly bright young woman, and the blooming of a romance for two people who are destined, and manipulated, to be together by forces beyond their control. Travels to the past, revelations about family and friends, and plenty of exciting events made this wonderful time travel tale so much fun to read.

Linked to the de Piaget family stories and part of the MacLeod series, ROSES IN MOONLIGHT is a delight with two very appealing lead characters, and plenty of secondary players who add both humor and mystery.

Jani Brooks