ALL FOR YOU Lynn Kurland
The Piaget Family Series
ISBN: 978-0-515-15065-0
May 2012
Paranormal Romance

England Present Day and Eight Hundred Years Ago

Peaches Alexander is kind of hanging out at her twin sister Tess's castle. The reason is that her business back home in Seattle is in shambles, and Peaches is wondering what the future holds for her. Could she be as lucky as Tess and find a wonderful husband like John de Piaget? One who will get down on one knee and pledge everlasting love to her? Well, that is a dream. Especially when there are so few men handy. So when she is asked to a weekend soiree by the very handsome and very eligible Duke of Kenneworth, Peaches hopes her luck is changing. But when she arrives for the weekend, things don't go all that well. First of all, no one picks her up at the station, and she has to walk all the way, dragging her suitcase in the pouring rain. And just as she gets there, who drives up but the arrogant Stephen de Piaget, a relative of John's, but hardly the romantic type.

Things go from bad to worse when the duke's snobbish sister makes sure that Peaches is as uncomfortable as possible. When a new wardrobe and different maid appear in Peaches's cramped little room, she thinks it's David, the duke, who has gallantly saved her.

Stephen is secretly in love with Peaches. But he knows how much she dislikes him, and he's at a loss as to how to win her over. He is angry at the way she's being treated by the duke's sister, and he sees to it that Peaches at least looks the part of a regular guest. But when Peaches suddenly disappears, it's only Stephen who has a clue where, and when, she vanished.

Once again, Lynn Kurland has woven her magical spell on another de Piaget novel. The twists and turns of Peaches and Stephen's relationship are humorous, sweet, and, at times, poignant. Peaches is an independent vegetarian who is pretty much convinced that she's a loser. And Stephen, heir to an earldom, is simply not in her class. He couldn't possibly want to date her. Stephen is nothing like what Peaches thinks he is. He is thoughtful, gentlemanly, yes, but he's also just as vulnerable as Peaches. Maybe more so because he simply can't let on that he's crazy for the out-spoken American.

A delightfully entertaining tale, ALL FOR YOU is one of those books that keep you up late at night. Totally enjoyable with wonderful characters, many whom we've met in previous books, ALL FOR YOU is just plain fun. While it can easily be read alone, I very highly recommend reading the entire series. Do check out Ms. Kurland's website for the list of books:

Jani Brooks