DREAM EYES - Jayne Ann Krentz
A Dark Legacy Novel , Book 2
Putnam (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-399-15895-7
January 2013
Paranormal Romance

Wilby, Oregon - Present Day

Gwen Frazier knew even before she opened the door to Evelyn Ballinger's home that her friend was dead.  Gwen didn't need her psy talent to tell her that she wasn't going to have any more luck convincing the police chief that Evelyn was murdered than she had two years earlier when two other friends were killed.  Then, another participant in Evelyn's study of people with psychic talents was actually a serial killer who used a psy-weapon that leaves no trace of an injury, making it appear as if the victim died of natural causes.  Gwen was to have been his third victim, but she managed to escape, and the killer dove over the falls to his death.  Now, Gwen's intuition, plus the ghost of Evelyn visible to Gwen in the mirror, tells her that somehow Evelyn died the same way the other two did.  Unlike two years ago, Gwen has friends who can conduct a paranormal investigation.

Judson Coppersmith has been sort of drifting since his last consulting assignment, and when his brother, Sam, asks for help, Judson's not sure if he should go.  When he met his future sister-in-law's best friend a month earlier, he'd been very interested—right up until Gwen offered to fix his dreams for him.  No way does he want this sexy woman poking around in his nightmares.  He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since that first meeting, and learning that she may have some trouble has Judson concerned enough to travel to Wilby to help.

From the moment Gwen met Judson, she knew that he was the one she'd been waiting for, but she hasn't had much luck with men in the past.  Her psy talent involves dreams, and that has made relationships with men a bit difficult—something she doesn't expect to change just because Judson is also a talent.  As he helps her to investigate what happened to Evelyn, Gwen and Judson grow closer, but is there a chance that it could last beyond the investigation?

DREAM EYES, the second book in the Dark Legacy series, gives readers a chance to get to know the other Coppersmith brother.  While Sam (from COPPER BEACH) is involved in the psy-tech end of Coppersmith Consulting, Judson enjoys investigating, and it's his talents that will be needed to help Gwen.  Gwen and Abby (Sam's fiancée) are not just best friends, they're more like sisters and have been since they were locked up together at boarding school as teenagers.  Judson and Gwen were immediately attracted to one another, but both have reasons for holding back.  Now that they are working together, they get to know each other better, and the chemistry between them becomes too much to resist.

Gwen is still haunted by what happened in Wilby two years earlier when Evelyn decided to do some research into people with psychic talents.  When the first person died, Gwen found the body, and with her talents she knew that the victim died by paranormal means, but the police chief doesn't believe in the paranormal.  The second victim caused Evelyn to shut down her study, yet once again, Gwen found the body.  The final death was the serial killer after he tried to kill Gwen, so it's understandable why she's reluctant to return to Wilby.  She's aware that the mystery surrounding Evelyn's death won't be solved by local police, so she contacts Abby for help.

For a fascinating paranormal tale with a gripping mystery, be sure to check out DREAM EYES.

Jennifer Bishop