COPPER BEACH - Jayne Ann Krentz
A Dark Legacy Novel , Book 1
G. P. Putnam's Sons (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-399-15787-5
January 2012
Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Seattle, Washington - Present Day

Forty years ago, three men found a mine filled with hot crystals (crystals that contained paranormal properties).  These crystals were unlike anything they'd ever seen, and after a while, two of the men determined that it would be best to leave the crystals alone until they could figure out a safe way to research them.  The third man, Ray Willis, had become obsessed with the crystals, though, and during the argument over closing the mine, there was an explosion, and Willis did not make it out alive.  Of the other two, Quinn Knox went on to have a family, but he battled addictions for most of his life.  Elias Coppersmith, who managed to keep some of the crystal from what they named the Phoenix Mine, built an empire using hot crystal technology.  For years, rumors would surface that Willis's lab journal and some of the crystals survived the explosion, but after forty years, not quite so often anymore.  Until now.

Abby Radwell is a Talent, with the ability to unlock psi-encrypted books.  While visiting a client , an armed man breaks in demanding that Abby unlock a book for him, and, using her talents, she is able to get the gun away from him and knock him unconscious.   Unfortunately, someone is aware of what she's done and threatens to expose her.  While this would damage her reputation in the underground hot books world, it would also leave the world believing her to be crazy—something she already has experience with.  When a trusted friend refers her to Sam Coppersmith, Abby knows she needs the help.

Sam Coppersmith has been intrigued by what he learned about Abby Radwell, but when he meets her, it becomes fascination.  Because of her specialty and with input from his father, Elias, Sam already has an idea about why she's being blackmailed, and now that they've met, he's even more determined to protect her.  The lab book is going to be auctioned off, and someone is sure that Abby will be the key to unlocking its encryption.

Jayne Ann Krentz begins her Dark Legacy series with COPPER BEACH .  While Coppersmith Inc. focuses on rare earths, Sam's interest lies in hot crystals, and he and his brother Judson occasionally do consulting work for the government.  His father had received a phone call from the dying Quinn Knox, warning that Knox's son was searching for the book and is dangerous.  With this knowledge, Sam is pretty sure he knows why Abby is being threatened.  When things take a dangerous turn, Sam becomes her bodyguard also.  Considering his quickly growing feelings for her, this is even more important to him than finding the book.  Long ago, when Abby's talents were first beginning to appear, she had just lost her mother and moved in with her father, who was remarried.  Her new family didn't believe in psychic talents or the paranormal and thought she was crazy.  As a result, she finds it difficult to trust people, and the strong feelings she has for Sam from the start are difficult for her to accept.  When it becomes apparent that she's been thrown into the deep end of the dangerous world of obsessive collectors and rare books, she has to depend on Sam for her safety.

An intriguing book, COPPER BEACH introduces readers to the Coppersmith family and an interesting paranormal world.

Jennifer Bishop