The House of Brady , Book 1
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 125-00098-8X
ISBN-13: 978-125-00098-83
September 2012
Historical Romance

England 1819

Lady Marcia Sherwood, daughter of the Irish Marquess of Brady, is the headmistress of Oak Hall, a school for girls in Surrey. As a very beautiful and well-connected lady she was expected to make a grand debut and find a husband. However, Marcia knows she can never make such a marriage. Four years ago on her sixteenth birthday, head-over-heels in love, she lost her virginity to Finnian Lattimore, the younger brother of the Earl of Chadwick. She has the misfortune of running into Duncan Lattimore, Lord Chadwick, in London while on an errand for the school. While she is attracted to Duncan, after their night together Finnian told her Duncan demanded he go to America. She is lucky to have her position at such a young age and be able to support herself. Fortunately no one knows about her disgraceful indiscretion, not her father, her mother, or her sisters or brothers. When Lady Ennis, Oak Hall's patroness, visits Marcia at her parents' home in London, she dismisses Marcia immediately. This leaves Marcia devastated but determined to change Lady Ennis's mind.

Duncan, Lord Chadwick has been attracted to Lady Marcia since he first met her, but his situation is difficult. She rebuffs his attempt to become reacquainted. Is she like the rest of high society who do not welcome him because his four-year old illegitimate son lives with him? Joe is actually Finnian's son, and the reason his younger brother suddenly decided to go to America a year ahead of time. For Duncan, though, Joe is his son and deserves the best.

LOVING LADY MARCIA's title has a double entendre; certainly it is about Duncan discovering his love for her, but it is also a description of the heroine. When Finnian unexpectedly shows up in London, Duncan discovers what happened and is determined to marry Marcia and save her and his family name from disgrace. Finnian and Lady Ennis are nothing but trouble throughout, but certainly add intrigue to the situation. Will Marcia's attempts to regain her job give her more satisfaction than an arranged marriage to a man whose honor and integrity she admires? Author Kieran Kramer has written an interesting and emotional story that will leave readers LOVING LADY MARCIA.

Robin Lee