Impossible Bachelors , Book 4
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-37404-4
November 2011
Historical Romance

The Scottish Highlands

Once upon a time, four young gentlemen enjoyed such carefree, pleasure-seeking lives that the Prince Regent dubbed them The Impossible Bachelors . One by one the gentlemen succumbed to Cupid's arrows—most happily, I must say—until now only one remains single. Charles Thorpe, Viscount Lumley is not a wastrel—he's very good at increasing the family fortune—but his family despairs of his settling down. They cut him off from the monies in hopes he'll grow up. About the same time he receives a letter from his traveling grandmother asking him to go to Scotland to aid one of her Goddaughters who wrote her of her “dire circumstances.” When Charlie relates his problems to his three best friends (the former bachelors), they dare him to travel to Scotland and help the maiden all without any funds. If he so much as asks anyone for money, he must face the Marriage Mart on his return to London .

Daisy Montgomery 's family has lived in Castle Vandemere since feudal times. Each year they must pay a feu to the owners of the nearby Keep. But this year, she lacks the necessary £100. Since her father's death, her step-mother has squandered their money on herself and her two spoiled daughters, while using Daisy as a slave. But when Daisy discovered a letter from which she learned she has a Godmother, she quickly wrote to that lady asking for help. The answer to her plea arrives in the form of a shabby, travel-worn lord.

Charlie is leery of fortune-hunting females, but realizes he must follow the wishes of his beloved grandmother and put himself at Daisy's disposal. He can't give her money, but he can help her with her scheme to raise the funds she needs.

What follows is a fun, sometimes sensuous tale full of misunderstandings and misadventures as he and Daisy “borrow” the Keep from its caretaker in order to lure wealthy foreign tourists to enjoy a unique “Highland Experience.”

IF YOU GIVE A GIRL A VISCOUNT is rich in characters, from the irrepressible Daisy to the wicked step-mother Mona, the beauteous but self-centered step-sister Cassandra, and the mannish step-sister Perdita, whose voice is a bellow. The two remaining castle servants, for whom Daisy would do anything , add warmth, and the guests at the Keep add…well, lets hope they add money. As for Charlie, he's on his way to maturity, but the road is anything but smooth.

IF YOU GIVE A GIRL A VISCOUNT nicely winds up the Impossible Bachelors quartet that includes WHEN HARRY MET MOLLY; DUKES TO THE LEFT OF ME, PRINCES TO THE RIGHT; and CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MARRIAGE. You might also want to check out Ms. Kramer's well designed website at kierankramerbooks.com.

Jane Bowers