Two Love Lane , Book 2
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1250-11106-7
January 2018
Contemporary Romance

Charleston, South Carolina - Present Day

As one of the matchmakers at Two Love Lane, Greer Jones has found happily-ever-afters for many couples, but for herself, true love hasn't found her. However, when she spots a gorgeous wedding gown, she immediately knows she has to have it, and she plans to enter a couples contest to win it, even if she isn't engaged-or dating someone. There are three rounds and she needs a "would-be-groom" to get her through them. Greer asks a visiting Englishman she just met (and whom she finds intriguing) to pretend to be her fiancé, and he counters by wanting her to pose for a painting for him.

Stanford Elliott Wentworth Smythe, the Eighth Baron of Wickshire, is going by the name Ford Smith while he visits Charleston because he doesn't want people to fawn over him when they learn about his peerage and wealth. He is really in the United States to find a subject for a portrait, and Greer literally fell into his lap. Ford isn't interested in love (or marriage) at this time because he recently ended an engagement to another woman after finding her in bed with another man. But Greer has piqued his interest, and he agrees to help her in the dress contest. While Greer doggedly works to try and win the contest, in-between times she poses for Ford, which leads to more than painting…

Greer isn't looking to get married, only to obtain a wedding dress for a future wedding in A WEDDING AT TWO LOVE LANE by Kieran Kramer, the second book in her Two Love Lane series. Greer was involved with another man, Wesley, back in her hometown in Wisconsin, but turned down his proposal. As A WEDDING AT TWO LOVE LANE opens, she learns that not only is Wesley engaged to another woman, but they will be living in Charleston. It also turns out the engaged couple are-you guessed it-also competing for the wedding gown.  Greer isn't sure how she feels about having to be around her ex and his current lady, but she knows she doesn't want them to beat her out for the dress.

Ford is amused and intrigued by Greer's need for the wedding gown (it's an old wedding gown called Royal Bliss that was once worn by an iconic American actress who later became a European princess). Greer is nearly fanatical about winning the gown, and begs for Ford's help. He goes one step further and gets down on his knee and proposes marriage-a faux one, of course. Meanwhile, Ford learns that his ex-fiancée is pregnant with twins….and isn't sure if he's the father or not. He might be distracted with that news, but Greer provides him with a distraction of her own.

A WEDDING AT TWO LOVE LANE is a cute tale about finding love unexpectedly. Greer's determination to win the wedding gown blinds her to the fact that she's falling in love with Ford. His life is complicated, and maybe now isn't a good time to get involved, but there's no denying the sparks are flying between them. Will Greer get the gown she wants…and Ford as her groom? Find out in the charming and engaging A WEDDING AT TWO LOVE LANE.

Patti Fischer