A Perfect 10
Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4555-0714-6
May 2013
Women's Fiction

Brighton and London, England The Present

Libby Britcham seems to have it all, a handsome, rich, attentive husband, a job she loves, and a beautiful home. But one day a man talking on his cell phone slams his car into the car her husband is driving, and she is pinned in the wreck, badly injured. It is that day that starts a series of events where she isn't sure her beloved Jack truly loves her or is still unable to forget his late first wife, Eve.

Life wasn't always perfect for Libby. She worked hard, studied hard, and liked her independence. But then she met Jack, or rather he appeared in her life, annoying her with his arrogance, and she told him off. And he pretty much appreciated that, for he needed someone to bring him back to earth after losing his wife. It was Jack who found Eve crumpled at the bottom of the stairs of their home, dead. He revealed his hurt to Libby as he wooed her, intrigued by her confidence and finding out that he can, truly, love again.

Shortly after the devastating accident, Libby is questioned by a woman detective who insinuates that maybe Jack wanted her dead, like Eve. That maybe it was Jack who killed Eve. Libby, recovering from some disfiguring and painful wounds, and vulnerable to a fault at this point, is suddenly thrust into a world she isn't confident in handling. Her inability to remember what happened shortly after the accident has her upset, because she knows it's something that is important. And then she finds something that will open up a lot more wounds.

THE WOMAN HE LOVED BEFORE is a heartbreaking, poignant, and eye opening novel of two women whose lives become entwined. Libby's curiosity about Jack's first wife takes her through an emotional roller coaster. Can she trust and believe in her husband? Why does he still call Eve's name when he's dreaming? Libby cannot truly recover from her physical and mental injuries until she finds the answers.

Do not miss this terrific novel! The build-up takes a while, but once readers get to that certain point, putting this book down is not an option. A Perfect 10 that is brilliantly written right down to the last page, THE WOMAN HE LOVED BEFORE is a must read.

Jani Brooks