Random House Digital
ISBN: 978-0-345-53516-0
ASIN: B006XWY424 (Amazon)
June 2012
Contemporary Romance

Present Day London

ABOUT LAST NIGHT tells the tale of Chicago born Bad Cath who's well on the way to making herself over into New Cath. She's hanging on to a temporary job as an assistant curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum . No more reckless behavior; no more series of brief affairs that end badly. She's been celibate now for two years. But suddenly all her good efforts seem gone to waste when she's trapped into a blind date that goes wrong. She manages to get away from her date, but ends up ill on the underground back to her flat. Fortunately, she's rescued by a man who's a regular on her daily tube rides. Not that she realizes that at the time. It's only when she awakens the next day alone in a strange bed that she discovers she in the good hands of a fellow passenger she calls City. (Cath amuses herself by naming other regular commuters; City is named for his staid look of a banker on his way to financial business in the center of London .)

Cath learns how lucky she was the next morning. City was a gentleman throughout. He's a nice guy who treats her with respect. But that doesn't prevent them for making up for lost time that day with some of the most glorious sex she's ever had. Unfortunately, their time together is interrupted by the arrival of City's older brother…

So, who is Cath and who is City? We don't find out right away and their story evolves in such an interesting way that I don't want to give any more spoilers than I must. I'll just say that Cath was christened Mary Catherine, and City is Nev , short for Neville and he is a banker as Cath guessed…and from a high class wealthy family. The attraction between them is enormous, but seemingly dead-ended. Cath is so sure she will mess up again that she wants nothing more to do with City. And Nev 's family is certain to cause trouble.

I don't normally care for multiple, extended sex scenes, but the ones between Cath and Nev are more than mechanical. They showcase their personalities, the make up of their characters, and often explore their lives. In short: we learn to know and care for Cath and Nev , who they are and how they came to be where they are. Cath has secrets she's sure would turn Nev off if he ever learned them. And Nev is living the life his family expects instead of the one he dreams of. Do they have any chance at all?

ABOUT LAST NIGHT is a sensuous treat with passion and compassion, humor and originality. I highly recommend it.

Jane Bowers