WICKED GAMES Angela Knight
ISBN: 978-0-425-21565-4
April 2014
Erotic Historical Romance Anthology

The Once and Future Lover

Mageverse Britain

Arthur Pendragon, High King of Britain, has done everything he could think of to be a better father to his son than his own father had been to him, yet he's about to fight Mordred, his heir, in a duel to the death.  Riding on the outcome is also the opportunity to become immortal warriors, thanks to the Magus, Merlin.  Merlin and his partner, Nimue, have foreseen the need for soldiers and Maja to save humanity, and if Arthur wins his challenge, he, along with his wife and his Knights, will also face a test to determine if they should be allowed to drink from Merlin's Grail cup.  Are they ready for the changes this will bring?

The Once and Future Lover is a prequel to Angela Knight's Mageverse series, telling how Arthur and his Knights and Gwen and her ladies became immortals.  It also tells us the Mageverse version of what really happened between Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot.  Fans of the series will enjoy the chance to see how it all began, and those unfamiliar with Mageverse won't be confused as it takes place before the other books in the series.

Bondage, Beauty and the Beast

At the death of her husband, Lady Brianne's stepson sells her as a bondslave to a local lord, who has been cursed by a witch.  Lord Ardolf Greycastle needs for a noblewoman to voluntarily submit to him, and sees Brianne as the ideal candidate to break the spell that has made him into a beast.  But as the Beast teaches Brianne to submit, he realizes it may not be just the witch's spell he's under.

A noblewoman learns about lust in Bondage, Beauty and the Beast .  Sold as a slave to a Beast, she really has little choice in her future, but what would she choose if she could?

A Question of Pleasure

Washington, D.C. 1865

As a Confederate spy, it was Rose Carson's job to seduce Alan McReynolds in order to get information, but she'd never imagined that she'd fall in love with the Yankee soldier. Major McReynolds has realized that his lover is a spy, but rather than turn her in, Alan decides to interrogate her personally.  His methods are not what the army may be using, but Alan will do whatever it takes to get the answers he needs.

A couple that should be enemies become lovers who find hidden depths to their relationship in A Question of Pleasure .  Though loyal to opposite sides of the Civil War, Rose and Alan fall for each other, but the truth about Rose's loyalties drives Alan to the darker side of passion, and lead both into a relationship they never could have imagined.

Three scorching hot tales of domination and submission can be found in WICKED GAMES, the sizzling and sexy new anthology from Angela Knight.

Jennifer Bishop