MASTER OF SMOKE - Angela Knight
Mageverse Series, Book 7
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-23916-2
January 2011
Paranormal Romance

Greendale, South Carolina - Present Day

When Eva Roman feels the psychic call, she heads out to help, not knowing what kind of danger she may face.  A lifelong comic book geek, Eva believes—like Spiderman—that great responsibility comes with extraordinary abilities and, as a werewolf, she has the ability to help innocents.  What she finds this time, though, is a palpably evil force; an eight-foot tall werewolf torturing an armor-clad man trapped within a ball of energy.  Admittedly intimidated by the werewolf larger than her own furry self, Eva is trying to figure out what to do when the man sends out a psychic burst of his own and breaks free.  She helps the tall, dark, and now naked man to escape.

As the man is unable to remember his name, Eva calls him David and takes him home.  His memory may be spotty, but David knows that Eva is the one they have been waiting for, and he's thrilled when they finally have some time alone.  It isn't until they are threatened that some of the pieces come together and Cat steps forward to protect Eva.  He later explains that the body Eva knows as David actually houses the spirits of Cat, a shifter, Smoke, an elemental, and a Sidhe warrior.  The Direkind leader, Warlock, has fractured them, capturing Smoke and leaving Cat and David/ Sidhe incomplete.  Warlock is planning an attack on Magekind, and unless Eva can help David/Smoke/Cat pull himself together—literally—the mage will be in a lot of trouble.

In MASTER OF SMOKE, we are introduced to Eva, who is learning to cope with the fact that she can turn furry when she wants to, yet still isn't comfortable around other werewolves.  An attack five years earlier left her with the ability to shift, but she hasn't encountered any shifters since.  Warlock's attack on Smoke is the first, and she quickly realizes that protecting innocents from humans is a bit different than from a werewolf.  Smoke's first thought after meeting Eva is “mine”, and the fact that he's found her is enough to keep him from worrying overmuch about the loss of his memory.  While there is an immediate and overwhelming physical connection between them, circumstances also forge a stronger bond pretty quickly.

The seventh book in the Mageverse series, MASTER OF SMOKE once again divides its time between our Earth and the parallel dimension of Avalon.  Several characters from previous tales make appearances throughout the novel, giving fans a chance to catch up.  In spite of being part of the series, MASTER OF SMOKE can be read as a stand-alone.  It focuses fairly evenly on the romance between Eva and David/Smoke, and the threat Warlock poses to Magekind, while also setting up the next book in the series.

A fascinating page-turner, you won't want to miss MASTER OF SMOKE.

Jennifer Bishop