MASTER OF MAGIC - Angela Knight
Mageverse, Book 10
ISBN: 978-0-399-58730-6
October 2017
Paranormal Romance

Pinedale, South Carolina and Mageverse , 2019

When Olivia Flynn comes to, she's lying on a park bench, unable to move, thanks to a spell.  The last thing she remembers is leaving a dojo in New York, but now she's obviously nowhere near New York, and not even her Sidhe magic can help her off the bench.  The stranger who arrives may be able to help her, but considering the magic radiating off of him, she can't help but wonder if he's responsible for her current circumstances.

Rhys Kincade has always been able to perform magic, but never knew where it came from.  When he finds Olivia, he hopes she'll have all the answers he's ever wanted.  But an attack by a werewolf pack only brings on more questions, and forces the distrusting Olivia to work with Rhys.

There's an attraction between Rhys and Olivia almost from the beginning of MASTER OF MAGIC, but first they'll have to figure out a few things.  Not only do they not know who is after one or both of them, they don't have any idea what sort of magical being Rhys is.  The fact that Olivia is bespelled also complicates things for them, as it's obvious that whatever spell is working on her is also influencing her thoughts and actions.  For a woman who vowed two centuries ago to never again be in a situation she can't control, being influenced by a spell is galling to Olivia, but after only a short time she starts to trust Rhys.

Set a few years after the last Mageverse novel, MASTER OF MAGIC will allow fans to revisit some favorites of the series, while giving the sense that we're about to open the next chapter of their story.  An intense, sexy novella, be sure to check out MASTER OF MAGIC.

Jennifer Bishop