Hathaways , Book 3
St. Martin 's Press
ISBN:  978-0-312-94982-2
October 2009
Historic Romance

Rutledge Hotel, London ; 1852

Poppy Hathaway dreams of a quiet life; however, that's not the case.  Staying at the Rutledge Hotel with her family, Poppy is scurrying down the hall trying to catch her sister Beatrix's pet ferret, Dodger.  Even though she knows her reputation will be ruined if anyone spots her chasing Dodger.  The Rutledge frowns on pets.  Maybe that wouldn't be so bad, but Dodger has the habit of grabbing anything and running away with it, and this time he has snatched a letter from her true love, Michael Baying.  Since Michael's father doesn't approve of Poppy, she doesn't want the letter to fall into the wrong hands.  Oops, too late.  Poppy finds herself face to face with a handsome stranger who her helps find the ferret, and oh no...Dodger has started chewing up a chair.  Imagine Poppy's dismay when she discovers the stranger is the owner of the hotel, Harry Rutledge.

Considered to be one of London 's wealthiest businessmen, Harry Rutledge is used to beautiful women, but Poppy is refreshing and unconventional. even though she would be frowned upon in polite society.  After Poppy leaves, Harry finds the letter and decides she is the woman for him.  He makes the decision to remove any obstruction, and that means Michael Baying.  Harry always gets what he wants.  He will marry Poppy, but love is not in his vocabulary.  However, he isn't prepared for Poppy and her family.

Michael breaks their engagement.  Poppy is heart broken, but bravely attends a ball, and sees not only Michael, but also Harry.  Fleeing from the room, Harry follows her outside, and by society's rules, compromises her reputation.  Poppy is ready to return to the country, but Harry is determined to make her his bride.

TEMPT ME AT TWILIGHT is a delicious tale.  The characters are developed with fun and delectable wit.  Poppy's family is a strong and loving one.  They could care less what society thinks of them.  Oh yes, lets not forget the family's pets.  The love story between Harry and Poppy is breathtaking, and the romance is passionate.  Harry doesn't stand a chance.

Lisa Kleypas has penned a winner.  In the mood for a Victorian romance?  I recommend TEMPT ME AT TWILIGHT.  Enjoy, ladies.

Deborah C Jackson