BROWN-EYED GIRL – Lisa Kleypas
The Travis Series , Book 4
St. Martin's Press (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-312-60537-7
August 11, 2015
Contemporary Romance

Houston, Texas

Wedding planner Avery Crosslin first meets Joe Travis when he saves her from a scorpion near the pool as she's overseeing the preparations for today's wedding ceremony and celebration. Judging by his camera and casual clothes, she takes him for one of the photographers…a completely drool worthy one. Avery tries to ignore the attraction.With her past experiences, she has no place in her life for men. She is happy in the business she runs with her newly-found half-sister, Sofia…one of many siblings out there somewhere that her faithless father apparently begat on various women, some to whom he was even married. Later, when she seesthe man again in formal attire, she realizes he's a guest; in fact he is Joe Travis, one of three sons ofa well-known, wealthy Texas family. Joe flirts with her and gets a reaction, and she knows she's in trouble. No way will she get her heart broken again!

Joe isn't the idle playboy Avery believes him to be. He's seriously attracted to her beauty and brains, but he's going to have to fight against her low self-esteem. She was closely connected to the fashion business during her time in New York and thinks her luscious curves make her fat. You'll love Joe and empathize with Avery, and you'll enjoy meeting Avery's staff and Joe's extended family. Also adding to the interest are some of Avery and Sofia's prominent clients and a behind the scenes look at the event planning business.

Lisa Kleypas is a popular author for good reasons. BROWN-EYED GIRL is rich in plot and characters, a tale that will both entertain and stir upfeelings. It brings back the Travis family from books published a few years ago, SUGAR DADDY, BLUE-EYED DEVIL, and SMOOTH TALKING STRANGER, but it easily stands alone as a great read.

Jane Bowers.