DARK DAYS - Caitlin Kittredge
A Black London Novel , Book 6
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-38826-3
May 2013
Paranormal Fiction

London, England - The Present

Mage Jack Winter has been having horrific vision-dreams. Dreams where the Dark takes over present day London, dreams in which he loses his love, his wife Pete, or their baby daughter Lily. One of the princes of hell, the Demon Belial, asks Jack to find the culprit, Legion, who has stolen a powerful artifact from Hell. If he fails, hell, his reality, and others will collide, an apocalypse that will destroy all Jack knows and loves. Jack and Belial have a strange hate-need relationship, one in which Jack can't trust a lying word Belial utters. His other enemies, the Prometheus Club, tell him Legion is a myth, and never was. Oh, yeah, and his nemesis, the Morrigan, who wants him to lead her legions of the dead, also plays a part. Jack is out to save a world where he has few allies, fewer friends, and legions of enemies. Or have his visions finally driven him insane?

His visions have turned Jack's life upside down before. They led him into drug abuse. Pete, however, led him back to sanity, and now he has his daughter Lily and their foster child Margaret. He has a lot to live for and doesn't want to give it up, and he will to save them if he can.

This is the sixth and final book of the Black London novels, and a reader wants to have read the others before tackling this volume to understand Jack, a smart-ass, foul-mouthed hero who lives in reality but is no stranger to hell. This dark and sinister world is also difficult to understand, full of demons, faerie, evil humans, and other disreputable beings, but if you have read the other volumes, you won't want to miss this one.

Robin Lee