Woodfalls Girls , Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-425-27478-1
August 2014
New Adult Romance

Woodfalls, Maine - Present Day

Nathan Lockton is good at his job—being hired to find people that have done their best to get off the grid. So when he was hired to find Ashton Garrison, he figured this would be a quick and easy job. Nathan figured a spoiled rich girl wouldn't get far, and he definitely never expected to find her working for a pittance shelving stock in a grocery store. After a not-so-chance meeting in the local watering hole, Nathan can't believe he just made the call to the man who hired him, telling him his lead fell flat and he might need a few extra days.

Ashton loves this little town. She knows her stay here is not going to last, since she has to return home eventually. But she wants to make her time in Woodfalls as memorable as possible—she even has a bucket list to help her get the most out of her foray into the real world. Ashton has a secret, one she can't even tell her two new best friends, and definitely not the cute guy she met at the bar who seems to have a few secrets of his own. As Ashton and Nathan get closer, their love grows deeper. But can that love be enough to overcome both their secret pasts?

The love story in NO ATTACHMENTS is an emotional thrill ride from beginning to end. As readers, we can tell Ashton isn't being entirely honest with her friends and Nathan, but even then, we can't be prepared for the bombshell she throws at us. Despite the sadness in Ashton's life, her relationship with Nathan is filled with humor and laughter, enough to have any reader chuckling out loud.

Author Tiffany King knows how to write a good story, and NO ATTACHMENTS is the perfect example. Fans of New Adult and Romance alike will enjoy this book—the goofy heroine you can't help but love, and the alpha male hero you just want to snuggle up with at night.

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Amanda Toth