A Novel of Suspense Featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes
ISBN: 978-0-553-0799-8
September 2012

Morocco 1924

Mary Russell awakens with a searing headache in a strange room, and absolutely no memory of who she is or where she is. But her innate instinct for survival kicks in rapidly when she looks out the window and sees two French soldiers at the door to the building. Mary automatically looks for a way out of the house, feeling that she could be in danger. When she hits the streets, she discovers she is in Fez, Morocco. But why? And why does she think she didn't get here alone?

Meanwhile, Holmes realizes that his young wife is missing and sets out to find out where in Morocco she could be. Her assignment by British Intelligence (i.e. Holmes's brother Mycroft) to a film company has ended, so she should be waiting for him. He heads for Fez where a distant relative of his happens to be the Marechal of this part of Morocco. There is a war brewing with a native group, the Rif Republic, and Marechal Lyautey, Holmes's relative, has his hands full.

Having been befriended by a mute boy, Mary, who gradually is recalling parts of her life, is getting caught up in some kind of espionage situation. If only she could figure out who are the bad guys and whom to trust.

Set in the exotic backdrop of Fez, GARMENT OF SHADOWS is book twelve in the very popular Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series. Readers will learn everything they ever wanted to know about the streets of Fez, its shadowy alleys, the colorful markets, and the inhabitants ranging from street peddlers to European and American tourists. But the true story of the Rif revolution and the involvement of France, Spain, Germany, and Britain in this situation only comes to light towards the end of the tale. There is plenty of excitement, for sure, as Mary, and eventually Holmes when they reunite, connect with the brothers Hazr (see previous novels O JERUSALEM and JUSTICE HALL). Just who is telling the truth? And who is trying to sabotage a potential peace agreement?

I'm so glad to catch up with Mary and Holmes again. GARMENT OF SHADOWS is filled with adventure, some light hearted moments, and plenty of mystery. Do check out Laurie R. King's website for a list of all of the Russell books.

Jani Brooks