GIMME SOME SUGAR – Kimberly Kincaid
A Pine Mountain Novel , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3285-4
June 2014
Contemporary Romance

Pine Mountain, Pennsylvania – Present Day

After being betrayed by her husband after they achieved fame in a cooking show, all Carly di Matisse wants to do now is lay low. She hopes to temporarily do this by working as a chef at a resort in rural Pennsylvania while she waits until the buzz dies down and she's granted a divorce, which her ex is contesting. A windstorm knocks a tree into her deck and her landlord hires contractor Jackson Carter to do the repairs, and the two get off on the wrong foot. Carly would rather sleep in after working late at night, but Jackson is ready to start at the crack of dawn.

The moment Jackson lays his eyes on Carly, he's attracted to her. She's sassy with an attitude that no one better mess with her. Add in the fact that she's a fantastic cook with a terrific body, well, Jackson is hooked. Mornings spent together chatting while she feeds him some of her cooking has them growing closer. Jackson isn't looking for love, but a fling just might fit the bill. When he brings her for a visit to his mother's house, things begin to turn serious. Is there any chance of a future for them?

Carly lost her job at a restaurant in New York after her soon to be ex took credit for its success. He's also refusing to grant her a divorce unless she agrees to return to their television show, so she's biding her time while her lawyer does his work. Add in the fact that her mother is adamant that Carly reconcile with her husband, she's feeling less pressure in Pennsylvania. But once everything works out, she has every intention of returning to New York City. With a tool belt around his hips, Jackson is one hot guy who has Carly's body feeling all tingly, yet he makes it clear he isn't after a relationship, just a “friends with benefits” one. Works fine for her…until she starts to feel more than friendship with Jackson…

Jackson's life has been shaped by his childhood hardships and left him feeling unworthy of deserving a woman to share a future with. Their friends with benefits works fine for Jackson, but then he begins to feel some emotions toward Carly that has him confused. Why does he care about her friendships with other men, or that she mentions the “L” work in a moment of passion? Is Jackson running away from a future with a woman who might be the best thing for him?

Carly and Jackson's up and down start to their friendship and affair will surely keep readers glued to GIMME SOME SUGAR by Kimberly Kincaid. Her sass and ability to fire back at Jackson is cute and funny. Their chemistry sizzles at high octane levels and makes GIMME SOME SUGAR a tale that pops with its snappy dialogue. Jackson is laid back, but Carly has him on edge. Both have some emotional baggage to get past – hers is the husband who won't sign the divorce papers, and his is the traumatic events of his childhood. It takes some loving, but the job gets done. If you're looking for a terrific contemporary romance, then look no further than GIMME SOME SUGAR.

Patti Fischer