RECKLESS – Kimberly Kincaid
A Rescue Squad Novel
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3773-6
February 2016
Contemporary Romance

Fairfield, Pennsylvania – Present Day

Alex Donovan enjoys the thrill of living life on the edge, but as a firefighter there are limits to taking risks. He paid dearly when he disobeyed a captain during a dangerous fire and now he's suspended for four weeks and must perform community service by working at the local soup kitchen. Alex didn't realize the soup kitchen was run by his respected commander's daughter, Zoe Westin, until he had already banged heads with her. Zoe is a beautiful and take charge type person that Alex is attracted to, but as his boss's daughter she is off limits to him. How is he going to spend the next four weeks working with her when he wants to have hot sex with her?

Zoe was an up and coming chef but gave it all up to return home to Fairfield and help start up the soup kitchen for homeless people. She is shocked to see Alex on her doorstep, since she'd had a huge crush on him when she was a teenager, but back then he rebuffed her overtures. She's well aware that he takes a lot of risks, and she's not looking to hook up with a man who seemingly doesn't care about taking chances with his life. Yet, even as Alex and Zoe argue over risk taking, how to run the kitchen, and other things, the fiery chemistry begins to sizzle between them. How long will they ignore this attraction that simmers between them?

As a firefighter, Alex already takes a lot of risks as he runs into burning buildings to save lives, but he also loves to do things like jump out of planes, rock climbing, etc. to relax. The thrill of an adventure excites him and he doesn't plan to give it up. He knows he was wrong acting like he did toward the fire captain, but he thought there was someone trapped in the building and he had to rescue them. But he'd gone against orders and has to face the punishment. He expects the next four weeks working in the soup kitchen will be a living hell, but working alongside Zoe turns out to have its advantages. She might be stubborn and bossy, but she's beautiful and passionate.

Zoe grew up as the only child of a firefighter and is well aware of the risks, but she doesn't plan to get involved with a man like that herself. Alex is cocky and adventurous, someone she shouldn't be attracted to, yet she can't stop the flare of desire that rises between them. Zoe is used to running the soup kitchen as she envisions it, but can't deny that Alex's suggestions and helping hands have proven to be invaluable. However, working so closely together leads to hot kisses between them…and more. Zoe tries to resist, but there's no denying Alex is charming and attractive. After a man attacks her, it's Alex who takes care of her, and soon she gives into the passion between them. He promises her a temporary fling, but will it end up with her heart breaking?

There's a lot of scorching chemistry between Zoe and Alex in RECKLESS, and readers will certainly feel it. Zoe tries to live a simple, quiet life, but being around Alex makes sure her life isn't dull anymore. He challenges her to see what it's like to take a few risks, and she learns to enjoy it. Once his probation period is over, can they stop seeing each other? What would happen if Zoe's father finds out his daughter is doing a little hanky panky with Alex? RECKLESS is a scorcher of a tale for readers who love a sizzling hot romance between a couple who start out butting heads but learn they really have a lot in common, especially between the sheets. A tale I highly recommend, grab a copy of RECKLESS and get ready for some fun reading time.

Patti Fischer