FEARLESS – Kimberly Kincaid
A Rescue Squad Novel
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3775-0
August 2016
Contemporary Romance

Fairview, Virginia – Present Day

Firefighter Cole Everett makes no bones about wanting to move up at the Fairview Fire Department, so when his current captain offers him a promotion, there are also conditions. Cole must mentor his replacement, rookie Savannah Nelson. He agrees, but one look at Savannah and Cole knows his libido will have a hard time not responding to her. She is also very green, and eager, which makes teaching her the skills she needs to be a firefighter hard. Their first major call has her passing out at all the blood, but Savannah insists she'll become a good firefighter. Will Cole be able to finally get the job he wants?

Savannah comes from a family of firefighters in Texas, but wanted to escape the scrutiny there and came to Virginia. She did well in class, but will it translate over to the real work? Cole is strict and to the point in making sure she does exactly what she's told. Yet, he does respect her, which is something she can't say about another firefighter, Oz. That man appears to hate her and wants her gone, and it only makes Savannah work harder to win acceptance. After her first initial blip, she is doing well, and her relationship with Cole is turning into something more than friendship. Hot kisses lead to more, but it's against department rules for station mates to date, so they try to not let it happen again. Meanwhile, some bad fires are beginning to look a little suspicious. Is there an arsonist in town?

The latest Rescue Squad tale from Kimberly Kincaid has readers going inside Fire Station Number Eight with Cole, who has dedicated his life to firefighting, and Savannah, who is ready to embark on her career there. Both are hard workers and willing to do whatever it takes to realize their dreams. Cole moved from Atlanta years ago, and Fairview is now his home. Savannah moved from Texas and her family because she didn't want anyone to think her family would influence her ability to get into firefighting. Savannah has recently ended a relationship and is staying with her brother, Brad, who is an arson investigator. As she learns the ins and outs of Station eight, she begins to have even greater respect for the men and women who work there.

Cole really wants the promotion, and while he hates the stipulations attached to it, he understands why, since they need to have trained firefighters on duty all the time. With his vast experience he's the perfect person to train Savannah. She's smart AND sexy, which means he's going to have to be careful around her. Business cannot mix with pleasure, even if he finds himself attracted to her.

In FEARLESS, readers get to see exactly what goes on in fire stations, everything from the excitement of a call to the mundane station life. The chemistry between Cole and Savannah is like a slow burn, but once they give into the fiery hot passion there's no going back. Once Cole gets his transfer to another station, they can perhaps take their relationship public. But will the unexplained string of arson fires derail their plans—and love?

Grab an icy cold drink and get prepared to hunker down for some sizzling reading in FEARLESS. It's a sexy hot read that you won't want to miss.

Patti Fischer