THE MASSEUSE – Sierra Kincade
The Body Work Trilogy , Book 1
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-27799-7
December 2014
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Tampa Bay, Florida – Present Day

Anna Rossi lives a very streamlined life; her abilities as a masseuse enable her to pick up and move whenever she feels the urge.  Right now she is in Tampa Bay where her oldest friend now lives with her small daughter.  Anna is very excited as her next job is going to the mansion of Maxim Stein, millionaire and owner of a custom airplane manufacturing company.  As she is nervously waiting outside his mansion to announce herself, a drop dead gorgeous man asks her what she's doing.  This guy must be with the neighborhood watch, he's so concerned about her.  When she is set up in a room for the massage, Mr. Stein is held up in a meeting and she walks to the patio, where she sees a man who certainly looks like Mr. Stein and a red headed woman having loud and hot sex in the courtyard.  When she sneaks into an office nearby, she is soon discovered by Neighborhood Watch, or Alec Flynn, who says he does “this and that” for Max Stein, probably some kind of security.  Alec is hot as a blast furnace, and when he shows an interest in her, Anna can't keep a clear head to save her life.

Alec met Max Stein at the age of sixteen and almost considers him a father.  He does many things for him, not the least of which is security and keeping his business running smoothly.  Alec prefers company and seldom stays in his fancy apartment, preferring hook-ups with women.  For some reason Anna intrigues him, and it soon becomes his quest to bed her and see where their relationship goes.

Maxim Stein is involved in some shady doings, and Alec is smack dab in the middle, especially when the redheaded woman drives her car off a bridge.  Anna tries to understand Alec's frequent calls when he has to leave her, and sometimes she feels as if he ignores her for someone else.  This stirs up her feelings of abandonment and scares her enough to think of leaving town as she usually does when things get too unpleasant for her.

Sierra Kincade has written a firecracker hot story of two people with that instant something that they cannot deny.  Is it lust, love, or just their pheromones talking to each other?  Anna is known for living all over and doing her best not to set down roots.  Her birth mother died of an overdose in a john's car outside the fast food restaurant where she had left little Anna.  Since then, even the policeman and his wife who took her into their family cannot shake her feelings of abandonment.  Soon the people involved with Alec are starting to show him he must take a stand for right or wrong.

Secondary characters are Amy, Anna's friend, and of course Maxim Stein, and Bobby, the guard at the gates of Maxim's house, who isn't who he seems to be.

THE MASSEUSE is full of passion and full blown lust between Alec and Anna.  The end of the story will lead right into THE DISTRACTION (2015).  This will put Anna and Alec's relationship under great stress, but I must keep why to myself.  It is safe to say Alec and Anna will have a lot of issues to solve before they can be a couple again.  Full of action and barely controlled tension, THE MASSEUSE is a great read to heat up your cold nights this month.

Cece Johns