A Birch Hall Romance , Book 2
ISBN-10: 1-101-98681-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-101-98681-3
June 2016
Historical Romance

Colin Spenser, Marquess of Farleigh, is shocked when his feelings towards his best friend's sister take a turn into the realm of helpless adoration. Unfortunately, Elinor is more inclined to ignore him than express her undying devotion, so Colin resolves to forget his troublesome feelings by entering a loveless marriage.

Elinor Hargrove is friends with Colin Spenser's sisters, Phoebe and Kitty. Her best friend was his sister Marie, who died in India under suspicious circumstances. Outside of attending his family's parties, she has absolutely no interest in the infuriating and arrogant Marquess of Farleigh. That is, until he kisses her—twice—inspiring unexpected and inconvenient passion. Then Elinor finds out he's engaged, and her desires are quickly surpassed by her outrage.

Yet when a ghost, Marie's second husband, resurfaces, Colin and Elinor begin to work together to puzzle out a complicated intrigue by attending an extremely exclusive party where secrets and lies flourish behind each guest's mandatory mask—and scandal is only a kiss away. Their goal is to find Marie's husband—the one they believe murdered her.

The story revolves around the thwarted love between Colin and Elinor and an upper crust society seeming mired in scandalous behavior. The question arises as to what scandal someone holds about Marie and how it would affect the family. This is the second book in the series, but there is a novella also. The title of the next story in the series has not been released yet.

Robin Lee