A One Night of Passion Novel
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-25915-3
November 2012
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Chicago and Vulture's Canyon, Illinois - Present Day

Joy Hightower is just as stunned as her friends when movie star Everett Hughes approaches their table at a coffee house, but even more shocking is the familiarity with which he treats her.  Sure, her uncle was in charge of make-up for Everett's about-to-be released film, but how would he know her?  Then he reveals to her friends that Joy herself painted his tattoos for the film, and Joy is both mortified and awash in heat.  Fourteen months ago during a visit to the set, Joy helped her uncle out by painting the tattoo on an anonymous “extra”, and the intense experience was very sensual for both of them.  Being in such close proximity to such a virile man and still reeling from the news that she had cancer, her good senses fled and they shared a sexual encounter unlike anything she'd ever experienced.  But, with chemotherapy and battling cancer in her immediate future, Joy put her mystery man out of her mind as much as she could.  Now that she's confronted by the fact that her mystery lover was none other than Everett Hughes, Joy is caught between mortification…and desire.

In spite of the fact that he could have pretty much any woman he wants, Everett is very choosy about whom he sleeps with, and the encounter with Joy was something he'd never had happen to him.  When she doesn't show up after the photo shoot, he tries to get more information about her from her uncle, Seth, but the man is very close-mouthed about his niece.  When he runs into her in Chicago the day before the movie's premiere, he knows that he wants her again and isn't going to take no for an answer.  What he feels with Joy is more than lust or simple attraction, but can he get the guarded woman to let him in?

A sizzling erotic novel, EXPOSED TO YOU merges two worlds: that of an art teacher and Hollywood's golden boy.  Thanks to her occasional work with her uncle, Joy isn't as starstruck as some people might be, but this is Everett Hughes !  Named the sexiest man alive on more than one occasion, Joy has a difficult time believing he wants her, even after their first meeting.  For his part, Everett loves acting, but doesn't enjoy the movie star aspect of his life at all.  At heart, he's a family man and very down to earth.  Joy is refreshing and seductive at the same time, and after fourteen months with no way of reaching her but unable to get her out of his mind, he knows that his feelings are anything but casual. 

Both fun and sexy, EXPOSED TO YOU, with its likable characters, is a hit.

Jennifer Bishop