DRAGONMARK - Sherrilyn Kenyon
A Dark Hunter Novel
Dragons Rising , Book 1
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-092403
August 2016
Paranormal Romance

Time Traveling - Realm Hopping

Illarion had been alone for centuries, until he happened upon Edilyn - the one kind, good human in a tribe of power grabbing fiends. Illarion may hate humans, but that's nothing compared to Edilyn's hatred of dragons. Despite their initial dislike and distrust of one another, they fall in love - and it's everything Illarion could have hoped for. But Illarion has enemies, and they will stop at nothing to obtain his power and the treasure he guards - including killing the one person he ever truly loved.

Trapped in a different realm, alone and unable to contact his brothers, Illarion now spends his time fighting off any that dare come near his cave. But when he chances upon some surprising allies, Illarion finally has a chance to return to his proper realm, and to exact his revenge for the death of his love. But Edilyn's death was not as it appeared, and if Illarion is willing to sacrifice everything, he might just be able to get her back.

If you love a tragic, tortured hero, then look no further than Illarion. Kidnapped and forced to become one of the very first dragon shapeshifters, losing so many of his brothers and sisters, and then doomed to live forever without his love, it doesn't get more heart wrenching. And while this may be a love story, Illarion spends a good portion of the book alone, forcing himself to go on without Edilyn.

Prepare yourself for hopping from one time period to another, and switching between realms whenever the need arises. Illarion is not just a dragon shifter, but so much more, giving him powers beyond imagining. And long-time readers of the series will be happy to see the return of old favorites.

DRAGONMARK may be the first in a new series, but it is still in the Dark-Hunter Universe, making it the 33rd book in the Dark-Hunter world. For that reason, interested readers should already be familiar with Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series, and have read at least the last couple of books. As of the writing of this review, there is no title or release information for the next book in the series.

Amanda Toth