A Dalton Gang Novel , Book 3
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-26413-3
August 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Crow Hill, Texas – Present Day

Newspaper reporter Everly Grant has lived in Crow Hill for the past four years, but hasn't come into contact too much with her best friend Faith's brother, Boone Mitchell. One night after Boone gets drunk, she takes him to her place to sleep it off. The next morning, after seeing Boone in all his naked glory, she lets him know that she wouldn't mind doing a bit of hanky panky with him, with the idea that there'd be no strings attached. What guy would refuse that kind of offer? He breathes raw sexuality that inexplicability turns on Everly. The sex is better than Everly imagined, and soon they're finding opportunities for more sex. Yet the more Everly spends time with Boone, the more he becomes her addiction.

Boone is part of a trio of men called the “Dalton Gang”, named after the couple who tried to tame their wild spirits as teens. Left the Dalton Ranch after the couple's death, the trio is now trying to rebuild it despite the lack of funds. Boone doesn't have time for marriage and children, so a chance to bed an eager Everly works great for him. He's curious why a former reporter from Austin is now living in the small town of Crow Hill, and he suspects there's more to it than her just wanting to live here. Boone also wonders if her wanting their sexual liaisons kept secret is because she's ashamed of him, like he isn't good enough for her. Yet the sex is good, and he can't give her up. As the weeks go on, they grow closer, even after she is given an assignment by her boss to write an exposé about the Dalton Gang. Will Everly learn more about Boone than she bargained for?

In UNFORGETTABLE, Boone and Everly's relationship starts out being based on one thing: sex. They try to have conversations with each other, but it soon turns to an uncontrollable need for more sex. Boone works from sunup to nearly sundown to get the ranch back into shape, and he shouldn't have time for lunchtime nookie sessions with Everly, but his desire for her has him making the time—and she feels the same way. When she gets the assignment to do a story on Boone and his friends, Dax and Casper, will it threaten their tenuous relationship? It doesn't take long before the story of Boone beating up a man years ago comes out, but was it more than his acting in self-defense? Does Everly really want to know the truth, or will it destroy any chance for her for a future with Boone?

Both Boone and Everly have secrets, but his is easily learned early on in UNFORGETTABLE. It is just the “what happened afterwards” that has to be dug out, as well as why the man Boone beat up is determined to continue to make life miserable for Boone. Everly came from an abusive relationship, which led to her leave Austin for Crow Hill, and despite the abuse, she likes her sex rough, something Boone is more than willing to provide. But readers will wonder in UNFORGETTABLE why she doesn't tell him right away about her abuse.

As mentioned earlier, UNFORGETTABLE has plenty of sex, but their time spent together also allows them to slowly get to know one another, even as Boone makes it clear he isn't one for expressing his feelings. As their lives bind together, others around them see Boone and Everly as a couple, yet they can't seem to take that final step to declaring their love for each other. Secrets, truths, and dealing with the past have to be dealt with, and it's a journey readers will enjoy watching as roughneck cowboy Boone meets his match in city slicker Everly in the sizzling UNFORGETTAABLE.

Holly Tibbs