UNDENIABLE – Alison Kent
A Dalton Gang Novel , Book 1
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-42525326-7
October 2012
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Crow Hill, Texas – Present Day

Three teenage boys, Dax Campbell, Boone Mitchell, and Casper Jayne, became estranged from their families and formed a bond with each other and a kindly, childless couple, earning the nickname “the Dalton Gang.” When they reached adulthood, they went their separate ways, but are now back because they inherited the run-down ranch from the couple they considered their faux-parents. The townsfolk aren't exactly opening their arms to them, but they don't care. However, the news about the return of Dax catches saloon owner Arwen Poole's attention. She never forgot Dax from high school and figures she'll go check him out to see if he is as sexy as ever. The moment they meet again, sexual sparks fly, and they're having sex within the hour. Arwen understands that Dax can only offer her sex, and that's fine with her, because she's not looking for any Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. As the days—and nights—go on, the sex-only relationship between Dax and Arwen turns hotter and more emotional. Neither wants to admit that there are more than sexual feelings between them. Meanwhile, the Dalton Gang has to contend with drought conditions and little funding for repairs as they work to restore the ranch. Should they just sell the land and walk away with the money, or stick it out and make it a working ranch?

Dax has a lot of issues to work out. His real father expected Dax to follow in the family law firm, but Dax turned his back on that and became a pariah to his father. Dax's sister, Darcy, is now working alongside their father, but she's continually pushed aside by the new attorney onboard, making her feel like a second rate lawyer's assistant. Her old friend, Josh Lasko, is there to rescue Darcy when she decides to quit. Will he become more than a friend? Darcy is upset that Dax left all those years ago and didn't bother to keep in touch or let her know when he returned to town. Despite their conflict, the siblings feel that it's them against their arrogant father. Will Dax and Darcy regain the closeness they once had?

Arwen practically grew up in a bar where her drunken father drowned his sorrows after losing Arwen's mother. Everyone felt sorry for Arwen growing up like this, but she decided to stick it out in town and bought her own bar and made it into a popular and profitable place. Her one pleasure is her little house with the claw-foot tub where she spends time relaxing. It doesn't take long before she has Dax joining her in the relaxation of the tub. But their relationship is that of friends with benefits and they certainly enjoy the pleasure they provide each other. When a crisis has Dax in turmoil, Arwen finally has the gall to confront him and make him face his demons, aka family. But will this cause the end of their friendship—and the sex?

A hotter than Hades tale of a group of friends returning home after years away, UNDENIABLE is filled with  plenty of scorching sex as Dax and Arwen connect in the most carnal of ways. Dax thinks sex is the answer to all his problems, yet even Arwen, who calls him out on his avoidance, has her own personal demons to deal with. It takes some angst and upheaval—and more sex—before all is said and done. The first tale in the Dalton Gang series by Alison Kent, readers get introduced to Dax, Boone, and Casper, who are back together, united in a mission to rebuild the Dalton family farm. There surely can't be any sexier men than these three. If you like your men hot, your sex even hotter, along with the passionate emotion of retribution thrown in, then you'll love UNDENIABLE. Next up is UNBREAKABLE, out February 2013.

Patti Fischer