Stark International Trilogy
, Book 3
Bantam TradePB
ISBN: 978-0-553-39523-5
September 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Sylvia Brooks's romance with billionaire Jackson Steel has been tumultuous to say the least, and now they're thrown into a scandal when he is suspected in the death of the man who took sexually explicit photos of Sylvia when she was a child model. Jackson had just started the process to claim his daughter after the paternity was established, but now that is put on hold while he's being investigated for murder. Sylvia wants to stand by her man, but it's hard to do when he doesn't want her to be a part of his life anymore. Add in the fact that she even wonders if he did in fact kill the man…

Jackson is finally united with his half-brother, Damien Stark, and their relationship is still in the early stages of being built. Damien didn't know Jackson existed, as their father hid his illegitimate child from him. Add in the fact that Jackson is now working with Damien's company (with Sylvia as the lead) on a new hotel resort that promises to be out of this world. The last thing the project needs is an important cog mired in a scandal. Sylvia tries to convince Jackson that she loves him and will stand by him no matter what happens, but their relationship is rocky to say the least. However, their sex life is still burning hot. Will Jackson be cleared and be able to claim his daughter? Is there a future for Jackson and Sylvia?

Sylvia and Jackson first met years ago, but things ended before anything went beyond that meeting. But with their working together on the resort project they're reunited…and the embers of passion soon explode.  Their relationship started out fiery hot as Jackson demanded—and received—Sylvia's submission to his every sexual need. When she discovered Jackson was the half-brother of her boss, Damien, the trust between them waivered only slightly. She had to remain loyal to Damien as her employer and friend, but once things start to work out between the brothers—with her help—they were soon headed onto a possible happily-ever-after…until the murder of the man who tainted her childhood. The man was blackmailing her, and he also was behind a movie about Jackson's daughter's deceased mother. Certainly more than enough motive to want the man dead.

UNDER MY SKIN is sizzling hot with lots of sex, and in places that verge on the fringe of voyeurism. But even with all the sex in UNDER MY SKIN, there are still plenty of plots going on. Jackson wants to unite with his daughter and wants to prevent the movie from being produced. Sylvia wants to forget the past and look to a future with Jackson. And both are working hard at getting the resort off the ground. Could something happen to prevent it? UNDER MY SKIN is the final tale in the trilogy and it does help to have read the prior two books, SAY MY NAME and ON MY KNEES, to get a better sense of where Jackson and Sylvia started…and where they are possibly headed.  But by the end of UNDER MY SKIN, things are resolved, with possible hints of future heroes for Ms. Kenner's Stark novels.

The relationship between Sylvia and Jackson is sizzling, but readers looking for an intriguing and entertaining read with added hot sex won't go wrong with UNDER MY SKIN.

Holly Tibbs