Bantam Trade PB
ISBN: 978-0-34554411-7
January 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Los Angeles, California Present Day

Her first week in California, Texas transplant Nikki Fairchild is attending a mandatory party as part of her new job when she encounters the sexiest, most powerful and utterly attractive man she's ever met, Damian Stark. His reputation as a businessman is legendary, as is his magnetic appeal to women. When Damian wants something, no one dares to say no, but that is exactly what Nikki does. But continuing to say no is going to be hard since it is Damian's business her employer wants, and because she finds it hard to resist the sexual pull between them whenever she's in his presence.

Once Nikki gives in to Damian, he wants total control of her. The sex is explosive, as is the chemistry between them. Yet people around her tell her that Damian is a dangerous man and that he killed his former girlfriend. Damian won't discuss the allegations with Nikki, which makes her uneasy. Should she trust him, or try to break it off, knowing that she's falling for him?

Nikki looked upon relocating to California as a way to start a new life away from her domineering mother. Nikki had spent most of her life doing what her mother told her to do, and when Nikki's world spiraled out of control, she fought back, which led her to do things she is not proud of. Like a wounded bird, she sees L.A. as a way to spread her wings and begin the road to recovery. Damian assures her that he isn't worried that her body is not perfect. In fact, he wants to pay her a million dollars to pose nude for a painting for him. Should she give into him? The last thing she wants is to get involved with a man who demands her acquiescence to everything he wants. She tries to hang on by resisting Damian, but the powerful lust between them can't be denied, and the aura of danger only adds to his appeal.

RELEASE ME is similar in tone to those other popular erotica books, and while they are a lot alike, J. Kenner puts her own mark on the genre in this scorching tale. There's plenty of sex, but also enough angst and emotion to pull in readers and keep them turning the pages. Told in first person, we only get Nikki's side of things, yet the powerful attraction Damian feels for her is readily apparent as their chemistry rockets whenever they're around each other. First in Ms. Kenner's trilogy, RELEASE ME is sure to be enjoyed by readers of erotic romance. How will Damian and Nikki's story continue? We'll have to wait to find out once the next one in the series, CLAIM ME, is released in July 2013.

RELEASE ME is a sizzler from beginning to end, so be prepared to wrap yourself in this sensual tale for some hot reading that is guaranteed to have you reaching for ice to cool down with.

Holly Tibbs