ON MY KNEES – J. Kenner
Stark International Novels , Book 2
Bantam Trade PB
ISBN: 978-0-553-39521-1
July 2015
Erotic Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

After learning that Jackson Steele, the man she's currently involved with, is secretly the half-brother of her employer, Sylvia Brooks is worried how the news will affect the project she's working on with Jackson. Her relationship with Jackson is already sexually intense, but add in the secret she now has to keep from her boss, she wonders when the sky is going to fall. However, Jackson decides now is the time to break the news to his half-brother, bazillionaire Damien Stark, and confronts him. Of course, Damien's reaction is to fire him, which immediately means Sylvia not only is out a competent coworker, but maybe a lover.

Jackson was tired of hiding the truth of his parentage from Damien, so confronts him, aware that it may end his business relationship with him. Jackson is an uber whiz architect but now faces not having a job…period. Add in that he's involved with Sylvia and that she has a past that is scandalous (though he doesn't learn everything until later in ON MY KNEES), and he will do anything to keep her in his life. He even went so far as to beat up a man who is embroiled in both their past lives, and the press has been eating up every scandalous bit that comes out. Yet, the one shining spot for Jackson and Sylvia is their affair. Hot, sexy, and edgy, they never tire of one another, with their relationship an intense burn they want more of. But will the scandals surrounding them break open the scabs they've fought hard to keep in their past?

With plenty of BDSM and hot sex, ON MY KNEES is for those who love their sex scenes scorching. Jackson and Sylvia first encountered each other years ago, but didn't stay together. But now that they're working on a resort project for Damien's company, they're around one another virtually every day…and night. Jackson has a lot of anger inside him, mostly because he feels like their father chose Damien over him. For this reason, the more he's around Damien, the surlier he gets, until he finally has to confront him. He should have expected the reaction, but he didn't expect Sylvia to also turn on him…at first. He's like an addiction to her, and she can't stay away from the man who makes her come alive.

Sylvia has sacrificed a lot for her family, yet they seem ungrateful. When she was a young girl, she was hired as a model and, while it earned her a lot of money, it also left her vulnerable as a certain photographer took advantage of her, forcing her to pose for sexually explicit photos. The experience left her scarred and finding it tough to trust anyone or talk about it. In ON MY KNEES, she finally opens up to Jackson, especially since the photographer is now a producer who wants to produce a titillating expose about a murder-suicide connected to Jackson. Sylvia soon learns that he's carrying more secrets than just being Damien's half-brother.

ON MY KNEES is an intense and sensual tale that will have you reaching for a large, icy cold drink. Jackson and Sylvia's sexual appetites are nearly insatiable, even as their connection to one another grows muddled toward the end. By the end of ON MY KNEES, she wonders if she really knows Jackson. I didn't read the first one in the Stark International series, SAY MY NAME, but I didn't have too much trouble following along. If you love ultra sexy trilogies, then the Stark International series and the second book, ON MY KNEES, will be the one you're looking for.

Holly Tibbs