IGNITED – J. Kenner
A Most Wanted Novel , Book 3
Bantam Trade PB
ISBN: 978-0-8041-7670-5
September 2014
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California – Present Day

From the moment Katrina Laron met Cole August, she has wanted at least one blistering night of sex with him, but he hasn't responded to her attempts at seduction. Kat makes it clear she wants Cole and will do anything… anything …to be granted the chance to spend a night with him. When she overhears a conversation he's having with someone else, she steps into his path and lets him know that he can't hurt her, no matter what he asks of her sexually. Cole's sexual needs are dark and erotic, and Kat intends to not only be satisfied, but she will meet him need for need, no matter what the pain is.

Cole's upbringing wasn't like many children's, so he considers himself “damaged goods” and only seeks out women who are willing to grant his need for BDSM. He respects Kat and, as the best friend of two of his friends' girlfriends, he doesn't want to introduce her to his lifestyle. But Kat insists she can be a part of his life, even if only temporary. There's no denying the lust between Kat and Cole is ultra strong, but will it soon burn out after their sexual needs are met?

Kat isn't hiding the fact that she's only looking for a hot fling with Cole in IGNITED, the final installment in the Most Wanted trilogy by J. Kenner. Whenever she's around him his touch burns her with its intense want and need and she can't bear to live without experiencing the sizzling sex she knows he can deliver. Cole rebuffs her at first, and his only excuse is that he doesn't want to hurt her. This only incites the craving Kat feels for him. Her friends, Angie and Sloane, warn her that Cole's sexual needs go beyond a simple hookup—he even visits a men's club that caters to dark, erotic behavior, but Kat doesn't care. She wants Cole. Then he finally relents and promises he will be gentle. But can he? Will her craving for him push her over the edge into unchartered territory?

Kat and Cole are hiding a lot from not only each other, but from their friends. Kat is a former grifter (con artist) who was in the midst of her latest scam when she became friends with her victim and decided to become clean. She has since settled down in a steady job and is in the process of buying her first house…something she wouldn't have thought possible a few years ago. Cole has his own mysterious response to his past. Was it sexual or something darker and deeper? You'll have to read IGNITED to find out.

In IGNITED, readers catch glimpses of Damian and Nikki Stark from The Stark Trilogy , Ms. Kenner's top selling erotic series. If you aren't familiar with them, then I suggest you pick up the first book, RELEASE ME, for some topnotch reading. As for Angie and Sloane, they have their own tales in WANTED and HEATED, the first books in the Most Wanted series. Kat and Cole's story is the last to be told. Even if you haven't read any of the prior books, you won't feel lost in IGNITED.

The sex scenes are blazing hot, and while Cole turns Kat down at first, we're soon in for lots—and lots—of hot sex between them. Grab the ice and be prepared for some sizzling hot imagery in IGNITED.

Holly Tibbs