The Stark Trilogy , Book 3
Bantam Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-345-545862
August 2013
Erotic Romance

Germany and Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Nikki Fairchild plans to stand by her man through thick and thin—and his being on trial for murder. She made that decision after her love, uber billionaire Damien Stark, tried to push her away and end their relationship without telling her that he was on the brink of being charged with the long ago murder of his pro tennis coach. But Nikki followed Damien to Germany and plans to stick by his side as every sick, evil detail comes out about the abuse he sustained at the hands of his coach…and the possibility that Damien pushed the man to his death. Damien is still tortured by what happened, and Nikki willingly accepts the sexual (and emotional) dominance that he demands. Then, just as they hunker in for a long trial, it's over when some key pictures come into the hands of the court system. Damien is free, and now he and Nikki can move forward with their romance. Or can they?

Readers who have followed Nikki and Damien from the moment they connect in RELEASE ME (first book in The Stark Trilogy ) and through book number two, CLAIM ME, will enjoy the satisfying ending in COMPLETE ME. But along the way, our couple has to get over a few bumps, which seemingly haven't stopped them in the past. When things get rough, Nikki has to fight the demons that found her cutting herself as a teen and into womanhood. Damien is a rich and powerful man, and their passion for each other seems to overwhelm them at times. He doesn't want to completely open up about his sexual abuse to her, yet with the trial about to start, it's likely going to come out and the already overzealous press will go crazy. Nikki has this overwhelming urge to protect her man, even if he pushes her away. But once the charges are dropped and they can return to California, Damien and Nikki have to figure out where they go from here. She wants to maintain her independence, while he wants complete control of her—body, soul, and everything else. But danger lurks in the shadows…

The sex scenes in COMPLETE ME are red-hot scorching, but well written. Damien and Nikki seem like real people who just have a few extra problems mixed in—for one thing he's filthy rich and everyone wants to drag him down, and she has a past she'd rather forget. Damien is definitely a strong, alpha male whom readers might want to slap down a few times (but I suspect he'd probably enjoy the tussle as foreplay). Nikki flails at getting him to stop controlling her.  In fact, readers understand that she enjoys a bit of pain, and getting smacked on her rear-end by Damien is more of a turn on than cutting herself.

If lots (and lots) of sex in many ways and forms is what you look for in a book, then COMPLETE ME won't disappoint. But this tale is more than just about sex. In the end, Damien and Nikki reach a final understanding, one which just might include a promise of a future together.

Holly Tibbs