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Naked Moose, Book 1
Harlequin Afterglow
ISBN: 978-1-335-04157-9
February 20, 2024
Contemporary Romance

Timber Falls, Montana – Present Day

After the death of his father, Jaxon Reed sold the bar he owned in Timber Falls so that he could run the ranch. After being closed for six weeks, he and his buddies are excited for the reopening of the bar. He knew the buyers were three women, but there was no way that he could have anticipated they would turn it into a cocktail bar. No beer, no pool tables, and no dart boards in sight. How did the women think they could fill it with locals if they catered only to big city types? The three women, Charly, Willow, and Aubrey, seem to think they can shut out the locals. But Jaxon has an idea. If he can’t buy the bar back, then he will charm one of them—Charly—and persuade her to change the bar setup. 

Charly had to get out of Arizona after her boyfriend cheated on her. She and her friends Willow and Aubrey had always dreamed of running a bar in Timber Falls after visiting the area a few years ago. They envisioned it as a place where locals and tourists would enjoy the upscale atmosphere. Alas, the locals apparently hate it and rarely come in. Three Cowboys come in on opening night. All three—Jaxon, Eli, and Gunner—appear disappointed at how much the bar has changed, and that there is no beer on the menu. One—Jaxon—seemingly tries to charm Charly. She is not looking for male companionship, so rebuffs him, but he is serious. How long will Charly continue to resist Jaxon?

Welcome to Timber Falls, a quaint town nestled along the river north of Yellowstone National Park. Tourists come through town but it’s the locals that The Naked Moose should be bringing in for steady income. The women soon realize their mistake, but it takes some resistance to change it from a bar where divorce is celebrated, and men enter at their own risk. Each has their reasons for avoiding romance right now, but in THE DEVIL IN BLUE JEANS it’s Charly’s story. Her ex-boyfriend ruined their years of being together by having sex with another woman. Charly just left and now refuses to speak to her ex. It’s over and all her attention is centered on making The Naked Moose profitable. But business is slow because the locals aren’t happy with the makeover. She welcomes Jaxon’s suggestions, but she isn’t interested in being another notch on his bedpost. Too bad her heart has other ideas. Their sizzling chemistry won’t let them deny the inevitable. While neither are looking for a forever kind of love, they may have found it with each other. 

There is plenty of heated sensuality and emotional charm in THE DEVIL IN BLUE JEANS. Charly and Jaxon are likable characters and readers will be rooting for them to make it work out. Don’t miss the fun in this enjoyable tale.

Patti Fischer

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