A Killer Instincts Novel, Book 1
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23658-6
May 2012
Romantic Suspense

Tijuana, Mexico - Present Day

Kane Woodland is stunned when Noelle, queen of the assassins, shows up to see his boss, Jim Morgan.  Even more shocking is that she wants Morgan's mercenaries to infiltrate the compound of Luis Blanco, a drug and arms trafficker who also deals in the sex trade, in order to save one of her operatives.  Blanco is not a man to cross, and rescuing Noelle's operative is most likely a suicide mission, but when Morgan learns the captured operative is Abby Sinclair, he immediately agrees.

The mission is almost too easy, but when Kane and his team find Abby, they start to understand why.  Though beaten nearly to death, the assassin managed to incapacitate her interrogator, and the ensuing chaos makes it easy for Kane to rescue the now unconscious Abby.

Abby isn't all that thrilled to be rescued though.  During her stay at the compound, Blanco showed her the dozen girls, between the ages of eleven and seventeen, that he plans to auction off to the highest bidder.  Getting captured was part of her plan to save the girls, but now those plans have been derailed by her own rescue.  When Noelle shows reluctance to help Abby go back, she turns to Kane.  She's a little unnerved by the attraction she feels for Kane, and it's worse that he is just as attracted to her.

First up in a thrilling new series, MIDNIGHT RESCUE introduces readers to the group of men working for Jim Morgan as mercenaries.  All former military, they specialize in extractions, and Kane is second in command.  The mission to save Abby is only the beginning of the story as they quickly decide to liberate the young girls she found at the compound.  Abby had a horrific childhood, and when she was fifteen, she was taken in by a former Army Ranger who later adopted her.  He also taught her self-defense among other things, and helped her to become a much stronger woman than she thought she could be.  She trusts no one, and even her friendships with her teammates aren't very deep.  Abby's also never been attracted to a man before, so the desire she feels for Kane throws her for a loop.  For his part, after a bad experience in college, Kane has never let a woman get close enough to mean something to him, but Abby is challenging him in ways he could never have expected.

An intriguing story with plenty of action and likeable characters, look for MIDNIGHT RESCUE.

Jennifer Bishop