A Killer Instincts Novel , Book 3
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-24002-6
August 2013
Romantic Suspense

Present Day

Five months ago, Isabel Roma made plans to meet with Trevor Callaghan, only to leave him waiting in her apartment while she went on a deep undercover mission.  A master chameleon, Isabel doesn't let people into her life, and Trevor was getting too close to knowing the real Isabel, so she bailed.  She knows that she needs to apologize to Trevor, so she heads to Mexico and Jim Morgan's compound, where most of his team of mercenaries live.

When Isabel didn't show up, Trevor worried that something had happened to her and became frantic when he couldn't find her.  Eventually finding out that she left on assignment changed the worry to anger, and now that he knows she's finished with her mission, he's ready to have it out with her.  Isabel's arrival at the compound, where he's now living, is a surprise, but there are too many people and too much going on for them to talk about what happened between them.

Then all hell breaks loose when the compound is attacked.  Most of the team manage to get out of the house, but nobody can contact Jim Morgan, and Isabel suggests regrouping at a safe house owned by her boss, Noelle. Though Noelle is quite open about her hatred for Jim, the Queen of Assassins may be the only hope of finding him.  Trevor and Isabel will have to mesh their teams to find Jim, figure out who attacked the compound and why, all while trying to understand just what they mean to one another.

The third book in the Killer Instincts series, MIDNIGHT GAMES throws Jim Morgan's mercenary teams into chaos—and once again into working with Noelle's chameleons and assassins.  Isabel and Trevor met the first time Noelle's and Jim's organizations came together, and at that time Trevor was still sunk in grief over the loss of his fiancée, Gina.  Isabel saved his life that time, and when they next worked together, Trevor was surprised to find himself desiring a woman other than Gina.  Isabel decided a long time ago that remaining alone was the best course for her, but Trevor causes her to feel something she hasn't in a long time…hope.  Thrown together by their mission, neither of them can fight the desire between them, or the powerful emotions that both believed had been locked away.

While the story focuses on Isabel and Trevor, there is a lot more going on than their romance or their mission.  Noelle and Jim have an obvious past that causes the animosity between them now, but she is willing to help find him, mostly so he'll be in her debt.  Helping to convince Noelle is Derek “D” Pratt, another mystery, who has a surprising relationship with Noelle.  Juliet is one of Noelle's chameleons called in to lend a hand, and rounding out the cast are Trevor's teammates, Ethan, Sullivan, and Liam.

Another action-packed adventure, MIDNIGHT GAMES gives readers of the series a chance to see what's going on with the characters from previous novels, introduces us to a few new people, and teases us with glimpses into Noelle's, Jim's, and D's pasts that will leave readers anxious to find out their stories.  Whether you've read the earlier books or not, MIDNIGHT GAMES is an exciting novel that you won't want to miss.

Jennifer Bishop