Killer Instincts , Book 6
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-47442-1
June 2015
Romantic Suspense

Dublin, Ireland - Present Day

Bailey Jones's girls' weekend with her friend Paige is cut short when she sees TV coverage of an armed bank robbery in Dublin and realizes Sean Reilly is one of the armed men.  Sean's an alpha male who annoys her to no end and last year pretended to be his twin brother Oliver so he could sleep with Bailey, so she's not really sure why she cares that he's robbing a bank.  Except, Sean's an information broker and mercenary who works more on the right side of the law, so if he's robbing a bank, something must be going on.  Not really sure why she's doing it, Bailey calls on some friends and makes the quick trip to Dublin to save Sean.

A simple heist has gone horribly wrong, and now an undercover officer is dead, and Sean has no idea how he's going to get out of the trouble he finds himself in.  The leader of an IRA splinter group called the Irish Dagger is holding his twin hostage and demanding that Sean retrieve a flash drive in order to secure Oliver's release.  He's managed to come up with a plan to extricate the team from the bank without any more casualties, but then Bailey arrives and puts them in jeopardy once again.  He's been captivated by the woman for five years, and while he feels guilty that he came between her and Oliver, yet he doesn't regret letting her believe he was Ollie a year ago. Right now, though, he wants her as far away from the mess his life is in as possible.

Bailey and Sean find themselves caught in the middle of a blood feud between two Irish gangsters in MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE.  Sean grew up around the Irish Dagger, but he and Oliver got out years ago.  The group's leader approached them awhile back, but neither of the Reilly's was interested in getting involved.  With Oliver held hostage, Sean has little choice but to help out the Irish Dagger, but he doesn't want any of his friends in danger especially not Bailey.  He hadn't intended to deceive her a year ago, but when she met him at the door of her hotel room with a kiss that knocked his socks off, Sean took what he saw as his only chance to be with the woman of his dreams.  Bailey has avoided Sean as much as possible, ignoring the attraction she feels for him and focusing on all the ways he drives her crazy.  Though she's not about to admit it, a part of her knew it wasn't Oliver in her hotel room, but she's not ready to face her feelings for Sean.  When her rescue attempt puts her in the sights of both of the criminals out to use Sean, they are forced to pretend a relationship, which makes it very difficult to ignore the attraction between them.

While each book in the Killer Instincts series has focused on an individual mission, there are threads that run throughout the books, so reading them in order is probably a good idea.  The night Sean and Bailey spent together was actually a secondary story in one of the earlier books, and in MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE there's another, between Liam and Sully, best friends who are now dealing with an impulsive kiss that threatens their friendship.  If you haven't read the earlier novels, you won't be lost, you've just missed out on some of the backstory.  Either way, MIDNIGHT CAPTIVE is a thrilling book you won't want to miss.

Jennifer Bishop