PUT A RING ON IT – Beth Kendrick
Black Dog Bay Series, Book 5
New American Library
November 2015
Contemporary Women's Fiction

Black Dog Bay, Delaware

In her early days, Brighton Smith loved working with her grandparents in their jewelry shop. She expected one day to become a jewelry designer and creator. Well, things didn't turn out that way for her. Instead, she left behind her artistic self and became a controlled, you might say buttoned down, insurance actuary. The ten year plan for her life has been fruitful. She's a success at work and is to be married to a soon-to-be lawyer in a few days…until he suddenly demands she return her ring. Brighton does the formerly unthinkable and plays hooky from work on Friday and joins her college roommate in Delaware for a long weekend.

Black Dog Bay is known for being a destination for the dumped. The theme is carried out in the names of businesses such as the Eat Your Heart Out bakery, the Retail Therapy boutique, the Rebound Salon, the Jilted Café and others. Brighton spots and enters a jewelry shop and right away makes friends with the owner. Lila takes her to the local bar, the Whinery. She notices all he female patrons watching, even fawning upon, one man…a really hot handsome charmer who has been known to comfort the broken hearted, but who has never become serious with any. He approaches Brighton, andafter some drinks and sprightly conversation, Brighton decides she deserves a treat.

Besides being hot, Jake Sorensen is a hugely rich, self-made man. Brighton is not normally a drinker, but she's not herself this night. The upshot is they fly to Las Vegas in his private plane and take part in a drive-thru wedding.

Now what? The strong physical attraction is still there after they sober up and fly back home, and they like each other. They both decide to enjoy their union while it lasts and until Brighton needs to return to New Jersey and her job…if she does. Several people want her to stay; one is the owner of a jewelry store. What about Jake? Many women would like to see Brighton leave town!

Take a page from Brighton's new resolve: enjoy this delightful story as long as it lasts, which won't be long enough, believe me!

Jane Bowers