ONCE UPON A WINE - Beth Kendrick
Black Dog Bay - Book 4
ISBN:  978-0-45-1474193
August 2016
Contemporary Romance

Black Dog Bay, Delaware - Present Day

Cammie Breyer is at her lowest ever.  She needs four hundred dollars by midnight to keep her apartment, but she just got fired for texting on the job!  Her cousin Kat is upset and pushing Cammie to get on a plane - STAT!  According to Kat, her Aunt Ginger has gone round the bend big time:  Ginger spent her life savings and bought a winery !

When Cammie arrives in Black Dog Bay it's with very little knowledge of the actual process of vinting wine .  She knows about wine varietals but not how to create the product.  Kat is sure that with Cammie's restaurant experience, she will know how to make the product.  Yes, Cammie owned a restaurant, but when it failed she lost her boyfriend and her career in Los Angeles; and now she's back in Black Dog Bay where she left her heart with a local farmer:  Ian McKinlay.  The last time she was in Black Dog Bay, farming was the furthest thing from Cammie's mind.  That summer she fell in love with Ian, but left Delaware and Ian in self-defense.  She wasn't ready to settle down.  Now she's back and, oh my, she's farming!  (i.e., growing wine grapes)

Having recovered from a life-threatening illness, Ginger Sheridan is perfectly sane, even if buying a winery is to the extreme.  Ginger knows nothing about wine , or producing it, but once she and her girls figure it out, it will be the perfect job for the rest of her life, and a legacy to pass on.

Kat, a former professional skateboarder (now retired after an injury), is at odds with her life.  She is married to a great guy, Josh Milner, but she is not happy.  Kat's life was once busy and satisfying; she traveled and performed while Josh kept the home fires burning, but now, the loss of her career has her undecided about her future.  And wine -making is not in her plan!  (Perhaps marriage isn't either?)

ONCE UPON A WINE is a light-hearted romance filled with sizzling characters, a little French bulldog named Jacques, and strawberry wine !  Cammie isn't looking for romance when she arrives back in Black Dog Bay, but the first person she runs into happens to be Ian, and the flames are rekindled.  Cammie, Kat, and Ginger stumble their way through creating a brand and running a winery amidst failures and triumphs.

The fourth novel in The Black Dog Bay Series , ONCE UPON A WINE stands alone and follows CURE FOR THE COMMON BREAKUP (May 2014), NEW USES FOR OLD BOYFRIENDS (February 2015), and PUT A RING ON IT (November 2015).

ONCE UPON A WINE is a great book!